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Emily Henderson: “When you allow yourself to recieve energy, it cleanses you. You allow yourself to be cleansed of old stuff.”

Tim Porter: “Like drinking enough water.”

Emily: “Exactly! You allow yourself to be a channel; you’re gonna clear out. It’s kind of like walking around in the darkness. When you turn on the light and you see that the room is really dirty and, oh, I need to clean this so I will stop tripping over everything. It’s the same thing, like flipping on the light. When you flip on the light switch, all of a sudden, you can see all the areas in your life that need to be worked on. That’s where the painful part might come in, because all of a sudden you realize that there is a lot to be cleaned up. Once you spend some time cleaning it up, then all of a sudden your channel becomes more and more pure. All of a sudden when you give to other people, they’re going to feel your warmth. They’re going to feel the purity that is coming from you instead of being something that’s been contaminated once upon a time.”

Tim: “Why should people of different faiths not be worried about this? Or how is this, you know, a lot of people might be hearing this and saying, “this is Weird”. They are used to a whole different thing? Why should they not feel wierd about what we’re talking about?”

Emily: “This really isn’t information that is just for one person or another. It really isn’t like a denominational thing. It’s a scientific fact that we all have energy within us, and it is physically proven that we are recievers and transmitters of energy. If you start researching in metaphysics, physics, and quantum physics; they’re starting to prove that the little quirks and all of the little tiny parts of an atom you can actually move just by your thought or your feelings that you have towards it. So this is all being proven. No matter what denomination you are. No matter what your religion or what your belief is. This is happening whether you belive me or not.”

Tim: “Gotcha, and you can tune in no matter who you are or…”

Emily: “Yeah! No matter who you are. You can tune in and the information that comes to you is your own prsonal truth. Like this book, this is my personal truth and this was something that happened for me. I didn’t go around and tell everybody ‘no you’re not right, no this is the truth and….’ This is my truth and my perception of the world. So as long as my percetion of the world remains mine and I don’t try to impede on other people’s perception, and I just honer and allow them the space to do and believe and exist on whatever plane that they choose to exist on, then I am not really in judgement of where they’re at. No matter what your belief system is, channelling is really a personal process. And if you choose to use somebody else’s information that they are channeling to you, then you use your own perception of what works for you and what doesn’t work for you. Just like the media. You can either tune into the awakenings show and get some positive and uplifting information or you can turn on channel five and watch who was killed today.”

Tim: “I hate to say the uh… the slogan being parried around and that’s a valid point because that kind of stuff leads. I am not going to say the station but, uh… but that was around the news room. If it bleeds, it leads, you know. And that’s because it provokes people to fear, to obviously put humanity in…”

Emily: “Control, control”

Tim: “…in focus and it’s a control, controled. So what we’re saying is or what you’re saying I should say is that it doesn’t matter what your life experiences have led you into your happy faith right now. You still are able to have information.”

Emily: “Absolutely. The thing is that everyone is receiving the information right now, right at this very moment. It’s just a matter of whether you allow yourself to explore the information that you are recieving. That’s it!”

Tim: “Simple enough…”

Emily: “It’s happening whether you allow it or not. So what I am saying is, when you allow yourself to be a reciever and you stop doubting the information. I’m not saying that whatever information that is in your head that you need to go blast it over the radio or the megaphone, you can keep a very secret diary about it.”

Tim: “You may have just ruined hours of entertaining programming.”

Emily: “Darn it! There is some people that have come into my life that have been going through some rough times my advice to them or my coaching to them has been, get a pen and a peice of paper and start writing. Just write about your life. Write about your experiences. Write about your thoughts and let it flow onto paper. Here are the rules. It’s not self-judging that your not doubting yourself and it’s always from of an uplifting quality because when you start pouring uplifting positive information into physical form on paper, your life is going to change. If you have a diary that’s full of all the horrible bad things that are happening to you, then guess what is going to manifest in your world? Guess what you are putting onto paper? All of the bad things that are going to continue to keep happening. The Universe is your absolutely perfect partner. The Universe will always support you no matter what you’re focused on. If your energy is focused on something positive, the Universe will come up underneath you and be the one that holds you and says, ‘and so it is!’ So if you say that I Want that really big house on the hill. Guess what the Universe is going to say, ‘and so it is!’ Keep wanting! If I knew that, when I started my publishing company, there was nothing that was going to stop me and I knew that I was absolutely in my purpose and that I was going to go as far as the wave was going to take me, guess what the Universe did? It cradled me underneath it and said, ‘and so it is!’ And it’s happened and that’s what’s happened.”

Tim: “It’s really a matter of embracing, being belief, you know. The Leaf that falls off the tree hits the stream and just allows it to take it. There is a lot of controlled people. I might be classified as one of those. Close”

Emily: “So many of us are. There is a difference between controlling your life and using wisdom. There are so many people that say, ‘well, if I just go where the wind blows then what if this happens? What if that happens?’ And it’s not necessarily of just going where the wind blows, because there is a space of power that we get to stand in. There is a space where we get to dig our feet into the ground and we get to say this is where I am landing and the Universe will support us in that. What I am saying is, you can’t B.S. the Universe. And that’s one thing that Zo taught me, absolutley profoundly has taught me, is you can’t B.S. the Universe. Because the Universe will always know what your intent is. So If your intent is lack, that you keep wanting it. Then the Universe will say keep experienceing that. Great! I absolutely support you in that. But if your intent is that you are going to live a life of power, positivity, inspiration, and fulfill your purpose; then you know what will happen? Because we live in a perfectly balanced ecological system on this planet. So is the Universe. The Universe is a perfectly balanced system. So therefore if I am putting all of my energy into something, the universe will support me in that. That means that if I am putting all of my effort into my publishing company, guess what? The Universe is absolutley going to show up for me in every way to support me in that. That means financially, physically, emotionally, mentally, however that looks. When I trust that process, then it will continue to happen that way. It’s when I start doubting that then it becomes disassembled. Because when I am living in doubt, the Universe says, Oh! You want to experience doubt? Here ya Go!”

Tim: “Here’s a couple scoops more!”

Emily: “There ya go! Here is some more of that flavor! So it is whatever you choose to experience. The Universe will say yes, yes, yes!”

Tim: “And by practicing doubt, you become pretty good at it… yeah…”

Emily: “Yeah! Isn’t it Awesome? And it will say you want to practice some more of that? Here is your stage! Step on up and let’s put on a play!”

Tim: “It’s at a point where you just gotta break out of that mold and be like, I am done.”

Emily: “Absolutely and it just takes a little bit of practice every day. My personal assistant is Jaesi, who is an amazing violinist. Amazing! My Children. I have been so inspired by her. My daughter wanted to play the violin so bad after she heard her. She had wanted to play it before but then she heard her play and saw how passionate she was about it.”

Tim: “Jaesi, have you told her how much those things cost?”

Emily: “Well, she got one for Christmas.”

Tim: “Oh my”

Emily: “Because my daughter, she chose that she was going to be a violinist. That’s what she is going to do.”

Tim: “And you support her in that.”
Emily: “And we teach her. You know what, Chloe, whatever you want to be, whatever you want to do, you just put it out there to the Universe and you will absolutely be supported in that and guess what she opened on Christmas?” A violin. It absolutley shower up perfectly and her new teacher is jeasi so..

Tim: “Very nice.”

Emily: “That’s how it’s always been from the smallest things to the biggest things. It’s how it’s going to happen. It’s a balanced system. The Universe is perfectly balanced. There is always order in the Universe. There is always a reason. Whereever there is a whole bunch of light, somewhere else is where your going to find a whole bunch of darkness. I think it was Einstein who said, ‘as the circle of light expands, so does the darkness around it’. And it was his way of implying that we are absolutely in a perfectly balanced system. In every single way possible, so whatever we pour our intention to, there will always be support for that in any way that it shows up. The thing is when we have an expectation on how it’s going to happen. Then guess what happens? We are disappointed because if I said I want a million dollars. The Universe might have had five million for me and I just put a limit on it.”

Tim: “Bum Bum Bum BUm…”

Emily: “That’s what expectation does. Expectation puts limits. So when you say I want an absolutely successful radio station and I have, I choose, those are the words, language of increase. Oh that’s one author that we get to have on here is Brenda Forbes. She is writing a book right now, and it’s called ‘Just Scream Louder’. And it’s about the language of increase and that would be a whole entire show, amazing. So anyway when you tell the Universe that you choose or you are or this is what you want. When you state it in an I AM presence, then the Universe absolutely supports you in that. But if you use the words ‘want’ or ‘have to’ or ‘going to’, then it will always be in the future and the Universe is always going to support that it is in the future.”

Tim: “I See”

Emily: “So when you are making a declaration to yourself, or writing in your journal…”

Tim: “It has to be now.”

Emily: “It’s Now! That’s where the journaling comes in and that’s where the channeling comes in. When you start channeling this information from your higher self or whatever plane it is that you are choosing the information to come from. Always state it in the present and in a positive language. And if you make that effort five minutes a day to write it or express it through music or speaking or however that looks for you, however your gift of expression shows up. Then your life will start to change because your manifesting something into the physical realm that all of a sudden is going to start expanding. The more you focus on it…”

Tim: “Taking that thought and making it a reality.”

Emily: “Absolutely!”

Tim: “And from personal experience, there are times where you set off on a journey and just the act of setting off on that journey, you might not end up where your headed, but you’re going to end up somewhere, where you’re meant to be. So it’s just a matter of taking those steps.”

Emily: “Absolutely! I was just saying the other day that I have this friend who was having some problems in her marriage, and I told her to write a list. She was ready for a divorce. She was done, and she was completely emotionally detached. And she was completely done with her marriage. So I go ahead and tell her to write a list of all the characteristics that she wanted in a husband, all positive characteristics she was looking for, and write it in an ‘I am’ presence. Write it as ‘this is how it is now’. So she did. Then she told her husband that she wanted a divorce and that she was done. It ended up being kind of an ugly situation. The stretch for her was really uncomfortable. But then once she got past the stretch and moved into a new space with her husband, all of a sudden it was really interesting. Because when she had written the list, she was thinking of a totally different person. She was wondering what this man in the Universe, showing up as, you know, ‘oh wow, this is awesome’. I can’t wait till my prince charming shows up. Well a few weeks later, she was surprised to find out that all of those characteristics started showing up in her husband.”

Tim: “Wow! Another one that she wasn’t aware of that thought or possibility. She might have just gone with being divorced.”

Emily: “Exactly! The beauty of that story is that she thought that it was another man that she was describing. She didn’t realize that she had him all along. When she started holding her husband in his excellence, all of a sudden, he stepped into it.”

Tim: “Hmmm…”

Emily: “That’s what happens with all relationships in our lives is that whatever you have about yourself that drives you crazy, I can guarantee it is going to show up in your relationships. Because every relationship in life is just a mirror.”

Tim: “Sure! I am always catching myself with criticism that should really be pointed back at me.”

Emily: “Yeah! And well, you know, it’s funny. I have different people that come in and out of my life, and it will be really interesting as I witness their discussions about another person, and I just kind of giggle because it’s something that I have noticed that they are working on. And me personally, you know, when I start noticing things in other people that start driving me crazy, I step back and am like ‘okay Emily, what is it about you that you need to work on?’ So it’s taking that accountability for our lives. That’s the thing about channeling is that if there are people out there that are looking at a channel as threatening or as this information that is coming through that’s driving them crazy or making them feel like they are in fear. My suggestion would be to take a look and see why that is showing up in their life. Why is it showing up that information from a divine source can be threatening? Why would that be threatening to some people? Why is it okay for them to go to their priest or their bishop or their Buddhist monk or whoever their guru is and accept that information from someone who is in a superior posistion supposedly? Why do they put those people in a superior position and not themselves?”

Tim: “Right, right”

Emily: “Isn’t that the question of society? Why is it that we look to a government or those who supposedly know more about situations then us to control our lives or to tell us how we should live? Why can’t we just look inside and have the freedom to choose how we’re going to live?”

Tim: “Because a lot of the times it is easier to just, you know, come home at five turn on your favorite show, open up a T.V. dinner, you know… I’m just saying that there is not as much… Being emotionally available for that kind of thing. See when I talked to Brad. Brad is constantly dealing with several different entities. Several people talking to him at any givin time. That’s a lot more difficult then you know… uh, a CSI.”

Emily: “Unless it’s not. So here is a comparison. Here is my response to that. You’re going to spend the same amount of energy if you live your life pro-activly or if you live your life reactivley. So the choice then becomes that if you choose to live your life pro-actively, which means you start focusing on your thoughts, you start acting differently. You start empowering yourself and start believing in yourself. It might take more energy up front, but your results are going to be easier. Or you cannot do the work up front which is easy but your results are going to take more energy. So it’s all balanced. The energy is either going to come up front or in the back. You can either put the energy into your life proaactively or you can put the energy into the reaction.”

Tim: “It’s just a matter of deciding on a set action.”

Emily: “Yeah, absolutely.”

Tim: “It’s like once you take that first step into whatever, you know, that you have been thinking about. Like opening up a pizza pub downtown by the Electric Theater.”

Emily: “Yes, yes, absolutely.”

Tim: “You need to follow that! And make that into fusion, because we really need a pizza pub downstairs.”

Emily: “I know Wouldn’t that be awesome!”

Tim: “I think so”

Emily: “We would just have a nice big huge, oohh, the thin crust. The thin crust just loaded with peppers and fresh tomatoes, ohhh yeah!”

(Tim and Emily laugh)

Tim: “We are way too close to dinner time.”

Emily: “Yeah, so it’s just… It really is, you’re gonna have the same amount of energy expended in your life. The thing is, is that so many people like, you know, I was just talking to someone one day, and they said I just don’t have the money to spend on eating healthy. You know, all of thos suppiments and eating vegan and eating fresh vegitables and fruits and stuff. They’re just so expensive, and I dont have the money to spend on that. So I said, ‘well, how much do you spend on pizza and beer and alchohol a month?’ And they are like, well uhh…”

Tim: “Get out of my house!”

Emily: “You know, cigarettes and alcohol all of a sudden are affordable because they are a reactive way to live. They’re a reaction energy. You can either expend the energy, the money, on cigarettes and beer, which is managing your anxiety and pacifying yourself. Or you can be proactive about it and manage what you put into your body so that your results are that you don’t have the anxiety and have to pacify yourself, because you’re takng care of yourself ahead of time. It’s the same amount of money.”

Tim: “It’s the soil that you put into the garden that directly represents the food you’re going to get.”

Emily: “Exactly, absolutely. So the amount of energy that it’s going to take to grow that friut is going to be the same, but are you going to grow that fruit that is going to be full of nutrients and minerals and like rich with all the vitamins that it needs? Or are you going to grow it in soil that is completely nutriant and mineral deficient. It will still grow. It’s still going to grow, but are you going to be proactive about it or reactive about it? It’s all a question.”

Tim: “Interesting! I realize in this position as we head down the road with the show, that I have a lot to learn… yeah…”

Emily: “We all do! That’s why we are here, right?”

Tim: “Yeah, that’s exactly why we’re here.”

Emily: “And you’re here to experience and as a result of your experiences is what you learn and that’s… I think that, that is also a misconception in life is they say, ‘oh, I am being given this turmoil in my life so that I can learn from it. You know, all of this eruption and all of this chaos I can learn the lesson. We don’t have to live a life of chaos. We don’t have to live a life full of sadness and grief and misery, you know? We don’t have to be steadfast about our lives. We are here to experience and live in joy! We are here to play, really. That was the whole purpose of… Why would source want to be a part of pain and misery?”

Tim: “As far as anybody knows, this physical manifestation, this is all you’ve got. You need to figure, why are you here?”

Emily: “And if we start looking at it as if we’re here to experience the rain. We’re here to experience sensation. We are here to experience love. We’re here to experience relationships and as a result of those experiences, we learn what it’s like to experience. Instead ofoh I’m here to have hardships and pain and misery so that I can what? What do I lean from that? what it’s Like to have hardships and pain and misery. Or we can live our lives proactively and start thinking positively and start trusting ourselves and empowering ourselves and listening to that voice or listening to that music or listening to the art that bring us to the frequencies that we are in joy. And when we are in joy, we then enjoy our experiences.”

Tim: “And that is the journey.”

Emily: “Exactly”

Tim: “And that’s what we are embarking on. We invite you to come back on Monday. Now will Kasey and Brad be… We will have a guest soon to be announced.”

Emily: “Yes, absolutely. We will always have something interesting for you Tim.”

Tim: “Wow, excellent!”

Emily: “I have a whole pocket full of sunshine.”

Tim: “And being, you know, the non-Channel or medium, I get a lot of attention.”

Emily: “Unless you are right?”

Tim: “I am open to the edea that I am lead by a higher whatever it may be.”

Emily: “Well, after all, you started this radio station.”

Tim: “Actually I didn’t.”

Emily: “Well, you are in participation in the building of it.”

Tim: “Exactly. This radio station in it’s current evolution has just… There are too many things that are happening and they are not by chance. They seem real. The people that are being attracted here with the endeavor to help the community be a voice in the community that is the actual voice of the community and that message seems… My partner Perry, That was his origional idea and then this manifestation that I’ve been a part of. This latest manifestation. The energy being drawn here is something that I can’t put to chance.”

Emily: “Well, like attracts like.”

Tim: “Yeah, it does.”

Emily: “We live in a magnetic Universe, and it’s really interesting. Becuase I have read so many times in a lot of the different New Age information that comes out like the Law of attraction. They say we live in a magnetic Universe therefore like attracts like. In reality, it is kind of a missed perception because a magnent attracts polar opposites and gravity is what clumps energy together and what pulls energy together. So we live in a Universe that is. There’s the law of gravity that pulls like energy together. That’s why all of us on the planet are of like energy and like susbstance so therefore we ar on Earth.”

Tim: “So we can interact.”

Emily: “Exactly! So we can interact, and it goes on a smaller and smaller and smaller scale. Like energy clump together to create matter. So as these beings that are being attracted to you and attracted to us clump together to make something a lot bigger than us. We are going to create matter. Something that matters. As far as the magnetic Universe goes, negative and positive is always attracted together. So whenever you see light, there is darkness that surrounds it and that’s where the magnetics go in the Universe go. So one of the thoughts in my head is always when I see something really tragic, because we live in a magnetic Universe, I know immediately something in the extremely positive. Because negative and positive are always attracted together.”

Tim: “The valleys define the highs.”

Emily: “Exactly!”

Tim: “How low can you go?”

Emily: “Yeah, I always call it being on the other side. So when I am having a really bad day where I just feel like all of this… I act almost like 99% of my actions are based on my feelings and so because I have become more in tune with feelings. I know exactly who to allow into my life, who to trust, and how to react to certian situations. I am not saying that I am pro at it, but I am learning! So I absolutely act or react or act or proact, depending on my feelings. In every situation I have come across, I started realizing how much I have really opened my self up to allowing more people into my life that are of a really powerful and positive nature. The more I trust those feelings and that’s part of the channeling as well. You know, when you trust those feelings and when you trust yourself to stick into any situation you’re going to absolutely start seeing more of that because you with your radio station and with what your manifesting here. I have absolutely trusted that these people have come into your ife that you can trust them. That you want to clump that energy together. You’ve allowed more of that to come, and it’s all a matter of–your distracting me.”

Emily Bursts out in laughter

Emily: “I have lost my train of thought now.”

Tim: “I, uh yeah, I apologize. I am trying to work out a buzz here in the studio and so I can see a a light when I know that the buzz is there and it’s moving. I apologize. It’s my fault.”

Emily: “I am like wait, hang on a second, we have someone here who has ADD that is watching.”

Tim: “Yeah, exactly that is it.”

Emily: “I meant me not you.”

Tim: “Oh! But yeah, just trying to make the buzz go away so they don’t have to.”

Emily: “Thanks, that’s fantastic.”

Tim: “Yes, it is that!”

Emily: “Okay, well”

Tim: “Tune In!”

Emily: “That’s right!”


Tim: “Five O’ Clock KTIM”


Emily: “Tune in, in more ways than just the radio station.”


Tim: “OOOHHH!”

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