Brittney Mortimer


Brittney Mortimer grew up in Ogden, Utah, and Rigby, Idaho. She spent much of her youth either in the trees near her house, with her cousins at her uncle’s farm, or sitting at the piano. She has always loved reading and often dreamed of writing a book someday.

Brittney has been working as a music therapist since 2005. One day, while at work, she saw a book in her peripheral vision that was called “Happy Apricots.” When she turned to get a better look at it, the book had vanished. She decided to do something with “The Happy Apricots” herself and wrote first a blog and then later the book. She now has proof that dreams do come true!

Brittney currently lives in Indiana and still works as a music therapist as well as a writer. She is excited for the next adventure life brings.


The Happy Apricots Book 1: The Orchards Meet The Apricots

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