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Camille started writing stories as a hobby at the age of twelve, but never understood how much she truly loved it until much later in her life. After the sudden passing of her mother Camille felt the need to pursue her dream of writing powerful stories, was more important than ever. Now as an adult, she has turned that love of literature into something more.

After Completing Book one in The Trilogy of Hope, Camille knew she wanted more. With her Husband’s encouragement and to fully excel and expand on her new found love she decided to return to school to obtain her degree in communications. She diligently attended University of Phoenix, where she honed her communication skills. She used every class attended to expand on what she already knew, and used it to become a better writer.

As a mother of four beautiful girls, Camille discovered her foundation once again, and with the wonderful support of her husband began to carve out the time to write seriously. In the excitement of watching The Trilogy of Hope unfold before her, Camille understood for the first time the simple satisfaction that comes with following your dreams. Upon completing it she went straight to work on another one, and so it went.

Her love of a good story can be seen within each chapter of her books. “A good story should pull at you from within, and bring forth a bond between you and the Characters as if they truly are you best friend or most hated foe. A good story will make you laugh out loud, or have tears slipping down your cheeks. A story should feel real, and engage you on every level,” Says Camille.

Today Camille lives in southern Utah with her husband and young children, where she continues to pour herself into her stories. “I will write until I have nothing left, or until my fingers give up on me.” She said, knowing that for her, a good story is at the core of so many of life’s memorable moments.


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