Emily Henderson


Emily grew up with a love for words.  Her family often referred to her as the “walking dictionary”.  One of her favorite past times as a child was to lay on the couch cuddled up in a blanket listening to Kenny Rogers while reading the Encyclopedia.

One of Emily’s first memories is in Montessori school at the age of 3 when she was looking at the pictures in a book and instead of the words looking like funny shapes, she remembers being able to read them.  This was her first moment of excitement over words and she has had a passionate love affair with them ever since.

Emily compares her writing to painting.  “When I write I feel like I am painting a picture. If the reader sees what I see and feels what I feel then I have succeeded.”

Emily is the CEO of Kokonutlime Publishing and the mother of four very energetic children whom are homeschooled.   Other than her passion for writing, editing, illustrating and running her publishing company, she enjoys dancing in her living room with her four children, crocheting by a window during a thunderstorm with a hot cup of Java, discovering witty comebacks, and cuddling while listening to John Mayer, Tracy Chapman or Nora Jones.

She currently resides in the Pacific Northwest with her best friend and husband, Bruce, and their children: Chloe, Ashton, Izrael and Estella.


How No Thing Became Some Thing

The Dichotomy of Wholeness

For more information about Emily and her work visit: www.wisdomfromanotherdimension.com

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