Zo “The Peacemaker” Klimowicz


Born in Canada in 1979, Zo has had a life full of ups and downs. Being raised in a violent household with a strict Catholic upbringing resulted in him abandoning his faith at the ripe age of twelve. At fifteen, he stumbled upon the writings of Carlos Castaneda, which would turn out to change his perspective on existence forever. Fascinated by the stories and Toltec wisdom in those books, he set out into the world to find a teacher like Carlos had. Not knowing how or where a master would be found- he followed his heart- which took him on a journey around the US.

He was immersed in a nomadic life of traveling, snowboarding, drinking, drugs and constantly squeezing out of situations in which the odds were stacked against him. Eventually, he settled down and went to school. His new goal was to erect a clothing company with a purpose and soul of its own. The transition from hardcore free rider, to father and business owner, would prove to be difficult. Over time his dream fell apart. After a lifetime of instability- peace and harmony seemed to be out of his reach.

A natural goal setter and problem solver, Zo has found himself in hundreds- if not thousands- of inescapable situations. Yet, through the help of his angels and the powers that be, he not only survived but has also found himself in a place in his life that he had only dreamt of. Most importantly, he found that the master he’d set out to find so many years before was in his heart the whole time. Today he doesn’t look at his life experiences as punishments- rather he sees them for what they truly are: blessings in the disguise of hard lessons. He has discovered his life mission to be about delivering the divine messages given to him. By doing so, he knows that he is fulfilling his highest calling, to be a servant to mankind.

After a sequence of his own life changing spiritual experiences and attending classes at an institution for life mastery he now lives a chemical free, natural and healthy lifestyle as an author, life coach and motivational speaker in Salt Lake City, Utah.

“Instead of waiting for your life to change to govern how you feel, change how you feel to govern your life.”

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