Eating Pistachios and Talking About The Universe Transcript

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Emily Henderson: Oh my God, I told you about that vision that I had didn’t I?

Jaesi Bone. MM hum.

Emily Henderson: Okay, It was like a dream or a vision or a remeberance or something.

Jaesi Bone: Giggles

Emily Henderson: Information that I came across. Somewhere or however it showed up. That, It was a vision I remember it, That I saw all of these people out in space and they were all around, and they were like light bodies. They weren’t phisical they were all like light and they were around a sphere and together they made this sphere. Like all the light together made the Sphere and there were all these beings. Seperate beings but together because their auras would interconnect right? And they all made this sphere together and they were like looking into it, and I came across them and I’m like what are you doing? Who are you? They are talking to me and they are all like, you know we’re just chillin and what ever. And I’m like what are you doing? So I came up and joined into their sphere but I couldn’t connect, I was on the outside kind of and looked down into what they were looking at.
They were looking at the Earth. Looking at this whole holographic experiece and every single one of them could see everything that was going on in their projection, their spot that they were projected on, on earth.

Jaesi Bone: Yeah,

Emily Henderson: And at the center of their spot was them. Their body.

Jaesi Bone: Oh whoa! giggles

Emily Henderson: No! It means that our energy is what creates the sphere of our reality. All of it Together! Every human being that’s walking on the planet has energy in this sphere that they are holding in order to create the atmosphere of our experience. So this atmosphere is created from all these light beings that are holding the container of energy. Do you know what that means? This is what Gravity is!!! It’s never been defined before. What holds us here? What is our experience here? Why are we here? Because we are the Atmosphere. Our energy, our light body is all connected like these five star things that like if you put the dodecahedrian together you would like see the body going like this. And it is the bodies experience. It’s our web. It’s our whole web our connection with these humans and we’re all staring at the center of the heart beat and all of our heartbeat together is at the center of all that. That’s the heart.

Jaesi Bone: We’re all so

Emily Henderson: Yeah, and we’re all like a part of this web that is stuck together with their hands and feet like looking down like little ducks and we are like weee hooo hoo look at that that is so fun I want to do that. oh I want that experience, Me, me, me! I want to see what it is like to have my toe cut off! No Me, ME!Move out of my way. Your running and your like stick your foot under the door! and Ouch! That was Awesome! I never got to experience that before!!

Jaesi Bone: (is rolling on the floor from laughter.) What about the terrible experiences

Emily Henderson: The terrible experiences are only terrible if you interperate them. Pain is only pain when it is believed and percieved to be painfull and it is only believed and percieved to be painful if your holding onto information that told you that it was once painful. So if your not holding onto any of the experience that is telling you that it is going to be painful then it isn’t painful. Just like childbirth would not be painful if we hadn’t been told that it is painfull. So, you can either look at your toe getting cut off as a really bad experience or you can look at it like, Oh that’s whast it feels like not to have a toe.

Jaesi Bone: What about those that were born with abusive parents or in a challenging experience?

Emily Henderson: Some one who knows that abusive parents and a sucky childhood would take their pendulum and swing it so far into the negative that when they let go of that experience that they would swing so far into the positive.

Jaesi Bone: Oh!

Emily Henderson: That they could experience even more bliss then they could ever imagine. But it is not until people let go of all of that negative experience that goes spshhhhhhhhhh and they are clear out into the dark and they are like OH MY GOD!!!! I’M IN A HEROINE INDUCED COMA AND MY LIFE CAN’T GET ANY WORSE!!!! And then when they say wait, it can’t get any worse? That means that it can only get better! OH MY GOD!!! And then they let go, an then they are like weeeeeeeee!!! Look at how light I am! I am clear out here and I am touching myself to the sphere of the atmosphere of the light that I really am! Some one who understands that! Would be born into darkness.

Jaesi Bone: Oh okay.

Emily Henderson: That’s how smart we are.

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