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Jaesi Christian: “Welcome to Kokonutlime Konversations. This is Jaesi Christian, Marketing Director of Kokonutlime, talking here and I’m with Reilly, chilling in her house. Reilly say hi.”

Reilly Woodhouse: “Hi, how’s it going?”

Jaesi: “Just to give you a little bit of background, Reilly Woodhouse just published a book. We just published a book for her called The Pirate Heir. I remember getting the manuscript in December, about 6 months ago, and just being amazed by this girl’s talent. She’s only 14 years old. She wrote about a hundred pages worth of this awesome story. I fell in love with the story and knew that we should publish it right away. And Emily, Emily Henderson that you heard speaking in the other podcasts, if you’ve been listening. She has been working closely with Reilly for the past six months, improving the story and making it really come to life. Now we’re excited because it is released and now it’s available on our website. So, anyways, we’re just going to talk a little bit and I’m going to ask Reilly some questions. First of all, I want to talk about the assembly. We surprised Reilly at her school’s talent show. It was perfect. I just want to know what was going through your head. Did you have any idea? Tim from KTIM radio, he came up on the stage first and just asked Reilly to come up. So what was going through your head? Did you have any idea that it would be about your book?”

Reilly: “Well, I didn’t know what else it would be about! It was terrifying though, I was like gripping the seat and my friend had to help me up. And then I was walking down and was like I stopped breathing. I couldn’t remember how to breathe.”

Jaesi: “Did you have any clue that it would happen at the school’s talent show? Because we told you that the release of the book was a surprise and so, was it a complete surprise?”

Reilly: “Yes. I only went to the talent show, because my friend was in the talent show. And I didn’t even get to see her.”

Jaesi: “That’s true, we kind of took you and stole you away afterwards with all these interviews and questions. I remember us talking backstage and we’re like ‘What if she isn’t even there?’ like ‘What if we call her up and she’s not even there?’ And we’re like ‘wait, her dad’s there so I’m pretty sure she’s there’. But yeah, that was just a lot of fun to do. And then we had KSL and The Spectrum come and interview you and then you were on front page in the newspaper the next day. Pretty exciting. Did that surprise you too?”

Reilly: “Yes, my grandma came over and she started pounding on the door and we were all freaking out, because we all thought something bad happened to grandpa. So we all thought grandpa was dead. So we all run outside and grandma’s like ‘Come on, you all need to see this!’ and we get out there and she’s all like ‘You’re on the front page!’ We were like ‘pfew, grandpa is alive’ and so yeah.”

Jaesi: “Okay, so I wanted to talk a little bit more about the book, because it’s kind of mysterious. Not very many people know what it’s about and we don’t want to give too much away either. But I do love the story and I kind of want to talk about it, because it’s a cool story. First of all, my favorite part when I first read it was your whole idea with the rubies. There’s this king and he has this set of rubies. Well, how about you talk about the rubies!”

Reilly: “Well, there’s this king; he’s the king of a country. The royal family, they each have a ruby with their name engraved on it and it kind of shows like how they are and their health and everything. So if the ruby is black, you’re dead. If it’s glowing, then you’re alive and healthy. And if it’s dull, then it means you’re sick or ill.”

Jaesi: “Yeah, I think that’s really cool. And it pulses with your hearbeat, if you’re near it.”

Reilly: “If you touch the ruby, then it turns white.”

Jaesi: “That’s awesome. So why did you choose the ruby? Out of all the gemstones, why the ruby”

Reilly: “Because it’s my birthstone”

Jaesi: “Is it your birthstone? Really? Is your birthday in July?”

Reilly: “Mmmhmm”

Jaesi: “Oh perfect! Well, I’ve been reading up on gemstones just for another project of mine and it’s interesting because I was curious about the ruby and to see if it would relate at all to the purpose that you gave it in the book. And so I looked up spiritual healing and chakra stuff about rubies. And the ruby represents the heart chakra and so like, how perfect is that?”

Reilly: “Awh, that’s awesome!”

Jaesi: “And one of the things it helps with is health and then it’s the chosen stone of leaders, kings, and priests. It’s totally known as the royal rubies.”

Reilly: “Wow”

Jaesi: “And if you carry a ruby on you, it encourages you to follow your dreams and your bliss. And it helps you to change and make the transformation from the person you are today to the person you want to be and wish to be in your heart. It eliminates the ‘less than’ attitude that sets you up to fail by thinking that you need to experience pain and suffering to learn. But the Universe has all of infinity at it’s disposal to teach you. And then the ruby, it teaches you how precious you are. You were handcrafted in love and meant to be happy. It’s like, how perfect would that be, that’s what Kinya needed, right?”

Reilly: “I chose the right gemstone!”

Jaesi: “And I’m like, dang, I wish had a ruby to give to Reilly. It would be so perfect for her, because you are precious. And I know you tend to get that ‘less than’ attitude like ‘others are better than me’ or ‘I don’t deserve this’, but you totally deserve it and you are perfect the way you are.”

Reilly: “My face is going to be red all day now.”

Jaesi: “Red is your color!”

Reilly: “Yeah!”

Jaesi: “She’s wearing red right now and it’s perfect with her. She looks good in red and her book is red.”

Reilly: “And rubies are red.”

Jaesi: “Rubies are red. We love the color red!”

(Reilly and Jaesi both laugh)

Jaesi: “Anyways, so I just thought that was interesting about the rubies and how it almost seemed like you knew all that already. So let’s talk about another cool thing in this book and again, I won’t give too much away. There is a girl pirate and that’s always awesome, because we love it when girls kick butt.”

Reilly: “Oh yeah!”

Jaesi: “And I love the scene that you were describing. You did so good describing fighting scenes.”

Reilly: “Oh, well thank you!”

Jaesi: “You totally threw me into the action and my favorite part is when this girl pirate she some how grabs the tip of the sword.”

Reilly: “Yeah, she’s fighting a pirate and he swings at her and her hand flys up and she catches the sword with her bare hand and she holds like so perfectly that she doesn’t cut her hand.”

Jaesi: “Yeah, she’s like graceful and she reminds of like the chinese warriors or something like so graceful and flying around, but she’s a pirate. And so it’s just awesome to combine that and have that in the book. That’s another favorite thing of mine in the book. And I know you’ve been asking this questions a lot with your friends. I read it on Facebook that you asked all your friends, but I want to know what is your favorite character?”

Reilly: “Who’s my favorite character?”

Jaesi: “Yes”

Reilly: “Kinya”

Jaesi: “Kinya, definitely, the main character”

Reilly: “But I also like Brick and Trake, but that’s everyone’s answer. But my favorite is Kinya.”

Jaesi: “Yeah, Brick and Trake. I do really like Brick and there’s a beautiful and touching scene in there with Brick.”

Reilly: “I know, I want to give him a hug, but he’s not real so I can’t really give him a hug.”

Jaesi: “And then Trake is kind of mysterious to me, because at the end of the book you kind of want to be knowing more about Trake. That’s what I got anyways. So anyways, I don’t want to give too much away. I was wondering, do you feel like you can relate to your character Kinya?”

Reilly: “Yes, maybe, I don’t know.”

Jaesi: “She’s on a search of identity and discovering more of who she really is and learning how to be comfortable in her own skin. And I just though, you know, that’s kind of… I’ve seen in that in you as well. You’ve been going on that same kind of journey too and I’ve heard that just ever since we accepted your book and put it in the process of editing and getting published. I heard that you went through this… just from your parents, they said that you went through this transformation of turning into this brave girl. Because you’re like ‘hey, I’m publishing a book. I really can do a lot of things’. And it’s awesome that you get to do what you love and I’m sure just by doing that, you are learning a lot more about yourself, right?”

Reilly: “Mmmhmm”

Jaesi: “That’s awesome. Let’s see… is there anything that you wanted to talk about and let people know about your book?”

Reilly: “Um, I like it, but that’s probably because I wrote it!”

Jaesi: “There’s going to be another one. I mean, you’re always writing more stuff, which makes me wonder what other ideas or what other book ideas do you have? We got the pirate stuff like The Pirate Heir and there’s going to be sequals that you’ve already written…”

Reilly: “Yeah, and the prequal”

Jaesi: “And the prequal that you’ve already written. Um, but I’ve heard that you have other ideas and have been writing other stuff and so I’m kind of curious what other stuff…”

Reilly: “Like other stuff besides my Pirate Heir books?”

Jaesi: “Yeah, yeah”

Reilly: “Um, I have a story with an elf in it like medieval times and shapeshifters that can turn into big cats so like a girl can turn into a tiger!”

Jaesi: “That sounds awesome. I wish I could turn into an animal too.”

Reilly: “I want to turn into a tiger.”

Jaesi: “You want to turn into a tiger! Is that your favorite animal, tiger?”

Reilly: “Yeah, tiger.”

Jaesi: “Cool, you’re fierce man, rubies and tigers.”

(Reilly laughs)

Jaesi: “You’re like going to be royalty leader there…”

(Jaesi laughs)

Jaesi: “Alright, well I think that’s all the questions. If you have a question yourself, then go to our website K-O-K-O-N-U-T-L-I-M-E and you can post a comment or question and we can send it over to Reilly or answer it ourselves if you have any questions about her book and also you can find her book on that website, The Pirate Heir and also learn more about Reilly Woodhouse and we’re going to be getting her more into social media and websites so you can connect with her more. Haha, her eyes go wide like ‘what? really?’ haha, yes, because I said so.”

Reilly: “But people will laugh at me”

Jaesi: “No, no, you are inspiring now. You are inspiring others your age that they can do whatever they want; they can accomplish whatever they want.”

Reilly: “Bacon?”

(they both laugh)

Jaesi: “Also, you can find Reilly’s book also on Amazon and if you’ve already read it, please rate it and review it because we love reviews. You can also connect with us on Facebook, kokonutlimepublishing on facebook. And I think that’s enough for now and so tune in for our next podcast!”

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