How Polluted Is Your Giving?

Kokonutlime Konversations


TIm Porter: “How do you know where you are with the planes?”


Emily Henderson: “By the feeling that you get when your channeling the information. So if you are getting the information and you have the energy of doubt, it is an energy of fear; you’re still within either the physical or astral plane. If you have any energy that is of a dense energy that falls under the category of fear like doubt, worry, sadness, anger. Any of those that fall under the category of fear. If your feeling anything like that, then you are channeling that of a lower frequency, a lower vibration. The higher vibration that you are channeling, the higher the feeling is that is in your body. I knew that I was channeling from a higher plane, because I had absolute bliss whenever I would channel the information. There were times whan I would try to force it ’cause I would say ‘Oh! I want to know this!’. And I would try to force it and I would have doubt or mistrust and then the words would come out all jumbled and not straight.
I found that the higher frequency of the frequency that i am channeling, the more clear the energy is that comes through.
It’s really interesting, because we talked about the types of channels or the type of people that have channeled. People would be really suprised that Socrates was a channel and that Plato was a channel and Einstein channeled and a lot of the information that is coming out now through the channels isn’t new. Socrates, Plato, and Einstein all spoke of these things. All spoke of the energy of the Universe. All spoke of manifesting. They spoke of… ‘The Secret’ isn’t new, you know, the movie ‘The Secret’.”


Tim: “Right, right”


Emily: “Being able to attract what you want into your life isn’t new information, it’s just that we have a new generation of language. So when Shakespear channeled or when Socrates channeled or when Plato channeled or when Einstein channeled, there was an evolution of language. So their frequencies were interpretated differently. Scientist channel. They know just like to, eh…”


Tim: “They do it through discovery.”


Emily: “Discovery, yeah! Absolutely! Discovery of technology, discovery of new methods of doing things, you know. It’s called a hypothisis for a reason! Before they can prove it, there is an idea. Edgar Cayce talks about this. When an idea pops in your head, the imagination is the direct link to ethereal information, to channeled information. So when something pops into your imagination and you immediately discard it, you’re shutting off your channel. When information pops into your head like out of the blue or from whereever. If you allow that information to just flow through you, through art, through speaking, through writing. If you allow yourself to recieve the information, then you allow yourself to be a channeler. When you block the information, doubt it, or discourage it (doubt is a disassembling energy; so it literally disassembeles information on the spot like that!). Whenever you doubt yourself or doubt your abilities, your disassembling energy from the Universe. Your disassembling the frequencies of inspiration.”


Tim: “How is it to manage every impulse that you have? To be the right impulse to follow?”


Emily: “Well, you spent, what are you 21? haha”


Tim: “Ah! You’re a doll! It’s just a hair above that, I’m 41.”
Emily: “Hahaha okay. So for the last 41 years you’ve been thinking right?”


Tim: “Mmmhum”
Emily: “You’ve been a thinking, walking, and breathing human being.”


Tim: “Others might disagree…”


Emily: “Yes, and every situation that has come into your life has programmed you to be who you are, right this moment.”


Tim: “That is precisely true.”


Emily: “Okay, so what if you were to become aware of your thoughts for just a few weeks, a few days, a few months, and not all day long but maybe just for an hour a day, maybe five minutes. And you were able to become completely aware of your thoughts, and you were to practice changing your thoughts.”


TIm: “Changing your mind, it’s just that easy?”
Emily: “Changing your mind, it’s that easy. So the thoughts that were to come into your head. If you just sat there for five minutes and allow yourself just five minutes that whatever thought comes into your head, you’re not going to doubt it or disassemble it. You’re not going to fear it, but you’re going to allow it to come through and then you’re going to express it however it is that you are talented to express it, because everyone has a gift. Everyone’s meant to speak or write or teach or dance.”


Tim: “Or start a business?”


Emily: “Yeah, however it looks. Five minutes. If you were to allow yourself to be a channel. Now a channel is literally just a tube, right? If you just have a tube and you pour the water in, where is the water going to go? Out the other side, right?”


Tim: “It’s usually down my pant leg when it’s my five year-old holding the hose from up top.”


Emily: “So if you were to stick a whole bunch of gunky, sticky, dense material down that tube and clog it up, what is going to happen? Is the water going to come out the other side?”


Tim: “No, it’s going to get jammed up in there.”
Emily: “So fear, doubt, all that disassembling energy is all of the gunky, icky-sticky material in the tube.”


Tim: “Gotcha”


Emily: “So if you clean it out for five minutes a day and allow the water to flow through, you might just get hydrated with information.”


Tim: “And you’re talking… It seems like your leading to meditation being the way to do this”


Emily: “No, I don’t. No.”
Tim: “No?”


Emily: “No, some people say meditation is the way to do it, but I can tell you the last time I meditated was over New Years and I don’t meditate daily. I am not like a Zen Buddhist. I’m not an extremely religious person. But I did allow myself. All I did was when I woke up at three o’ clock in the morning one day and decided that I was sick of this repetitive thought in my head that I was going to give it an out. I was going to give it expression. So what I did is I gave the evergy in my body expression. And I didn’t realize that I had been doing it my whole life, but the way I had been doing it up until then was through dance. When I stopped dancing and started allowing the energy to get stuck in my body, the result of my life was how stuck I was. It was not a pretty sight. The twenties, you know, were like really fun haha. When I finally allowed that energy to flow through my body again, and I allowed myself to express energy again; my whole life changed. It took me just a little bit of time each day, allowing myself to express the energy that was meant to be expressed through me. If you talk about a divine source or an energy pull or a God or however you want to describe it, and we’re all just kind of like his tenticles, right? We’re all just the expression of God, the expression of Source.”


Tim: “Sure!”


Emily: “Well, if we’re not allowing Source to express itself through us, then what’s our purpose in being here.”


Tim: “What happens to the branch that quits getting water from the tree? It dies.”


Emily: “Exactly, it dies. We are walking around on the planet… I got a new manuscript from another author today, and I wish I could have brought the quote with me. It’s a book of quotes that are just fantastic. One of the quotes she said is that 6 billion people had a unifying thought and this thought was not one of greatness. This thought was that 6 billion people forgot that they were spiritual beings and just thought that they were human. All at once. That is the sadness that we are walking around with today. It is that we have forgotten that we are just an expression of Source. We are here to experience being physical. There was a time when Source decided through whatever methods you want to believe, to create a physical realm whether it was through us or whether it was through aliens or whatever you want to believe. This realm was created in pure physical energy. We didnt have the ability to experience feeling, to experience ourselves. So we decided to lower our vibration to the physical plane and densify ourselves so we could experience each other and see each other, feel each other, and touch, and smell, and all of those things are physical expressions of Source. So we’re really just on a playgroud and are here to experience life. The problem is that we forget that we are really just a shell walking around. We forget that we really are just a costume and that the reason that we put the gloves on and the reason we put the pants on and put the costume on was that just so we could experience each other and see each other. So when we forget that, we forget about our relationships, we forget about our life, we forget about the fact that we are just the expression of Source and we stuff it and then illness shows up and then disease shows up and all emotional problems show up and relationships are broken and people are hurt. All of these things happen. When we just allow the energy of source to be expressed through us, then we are just allowing Source to talk through us. It doesn’t matter what plane you are channeling from. It really doesn’t matter where the information is coming from, it just matters that the results are Source is able to express itself through us. No matter how that looks”


Tim: “I really think that it’s the journey that we’re going to take people on, you know. I am very happy to be the dumb guy.”

(Emily laughs)
Tim: “I really enjoy this; I am one of those people who, ah, I guess entered this.. the whole idea… Skeptic is a harsh term, but coming from a person who has always wanted to be in touch with what your talking about and has never had the… I mean, outside of just following instinct, never really had that moment when I knew it was from else where. I think that’s why I am excited about the show is that the people that we are going to bring on are going to have different perspectives… ZO…”


Emily: “Yeah, oh! Zo’s one to talk about.”


Tim: “Zo is amazing, and he breaks it down in a way that it is not conceptual or ethereal..”


Emily: “Yeah, he is the left brain one of us. He takes spiritual information that is of a high frequency. And because he has such a scientific mind, his gift is to be able to express it scientifically. I have a very uh… I don’t know how my mind works when I express it. He says that my writing is very shakespearian. Kasey is able to communicate information that is of personal, that becomes personal to you. Zo is able to express it through logic and science. Everyone has a different way, becaue we are a channel, because we are a radio, just depends on what frequency we’re tune in to. If you tune into our, or your radio station, you’re going to hear a certain type of music and if you tune into a different radio station you’re going to hear a different type of music. We all sing a different song. We may all pick up the same frequency, it just depends on what our gifts, talents, and abilities are on how we express it. I was just looking here at this book, and I think it’s really interesting that four years ago when I heard the word channel, I was like haha woo-woo, that’s a little too much for me. I didn’t really beleive that phsychics were real. I didn’t really believe and had gone away from religion. I was kind of at a place of nothing. I didn’t believe in really anything. It was kind of a lonely place. I remember one time thinking, ‘Gosh’, ’cause I was raised Morman. When I got away from religion and was in my in-between phase of beliefs, all of a sudden the loneliness for me was that I no longer had a father that was going to embrace me and guide me and tell me what to do. So when I stepped away from that place and stepped into a place of empowerment. The transition was hard, just like transitioning from everyday thought of negativity into transitioning…
you know, that whenever we stretch into a different position in our lives. When you go to the gym, work out, and start working out a new muscle that you haven’t worked out in a really long time, what happens? That muscle becomes really sore. You may not want to go to the gym the next day, because you’ve got a sore muscle. But if you keep working that muscle out, then eventually you’re going to be stronger, look better, and feel better and all of those things. The concept of channeling or recieving new information or stretching to a place that you have never been before may be painful at first and may be work. You may see it as work in the beginning, but when you allow yourself the space to continue to work it, to continue to believe that it’s possible, to continue to change your mind set. Then after a while you’ll find that your biceps are a lot bigger then you thought they were in that area. All of a sudden you look in the mirror and you’re like ‘hey, I’m kind of hot!’ hahahaha”


Tim: “I remember that moment well.”


Emily: “But I remember. I am going to read you just a little bit of my very first message, and the reason I am going to do that is I thought this was really appropriate. Because my first message that I got or channeled or whatever you want to call it. At the time I was calling them messages because I didn’t know I was channeling. It took me three years to figure out that that is what I was doing. I just knew that I was writing information and that this information was coming and I was feeling blissful when it was happening. My anxiety was disappearing, my life was looking different. Things were starting to show up different for me, and my first message was called ‘Recieving’, and the first message wasn’t that long. But then it extended onto quit a few more pages later on. Like I would go back and add to the messages when I would get more information. I thought it was really interesting that the first message would be about recieving, because we always think that we should be givers. In order to be saved or worthy or to be a good person is that we should be a giver. Well, if you’re giving from a dirty, mucky funnel of channel or tube, is your water going to be very pure? Your water is going to be kind of dirty and mucky just like the tube is. Then all of a sudden you’re going to be depleted of water, because you’re not allowing anymore water in, and you just keep giving it away. There are so many type of people. There are three types of givers: Those who give for selfish reasons, because it feels really good to them; there’s those that give, because they expect something in return; and then there are those who give, because they just know that they’re a pure channel of Source. It’s an outflow for them. When we all learn how to recieve energy. When we all learn how to recieve information to recieve these frequencies; then our mindset changes, our physical body changes, and our reality changes, and giving isn’t so hard anymore.”


Tim: “You’re not saying don’t give… opening up the recieving end”


Emily: “No, I am saying, when you open the recieving end, when you give it’s going to be more pure…”


Tim: “You’re gonna have more to give.”


Emily: “Yeah, so this is what the first message is. I will just read you the first little bit:

Recieving. In order to recieve from Source, you have to love yourself enough and let go of the beliefs about what recieving really is. It is just a channel of energy that passes through you as it continues on the stream or current of the Universe. When you recieve, you enable the current to keep flowing to someone else and the energy keeps moving intead of becomeing stagnent or dead.
Just like the tree branch you were talking about eh..
when you allow yourself to be open and free, you are allowing energy to flow into your life in th form of many things. Love, money, trust, material posessions, people, spiritual gifts, and many of the like. If you allow the recieving, it becomes easier to give because the channel is open and what comes in flows from you in a more pure form. The pure giving is more capable to flow from you when the recieving channel is unfiltered and pure and brilliant light. When that is clear, beautiful energy coming in, then what goes out is an abundance of the same pure, beautiful, white energy. It is the energy of source. This is why it is so important to let go of your fixed beliefs, judgements of yourself, and old, stuck energy. Those are like a dirty air-filter that can carry contaminated energy into your soul. When you allow yourself to let go of these earthly things, then the result is pure wisdom of the Heavens. It is a powerful healing energy that carries from your field forward like a pure clear current that can cleanse all of them that then you give to. This is why it is important to recieve from nature, because it is pure. When you allow yourself to recieve energy, it cleanses you. You allow yourself to be cleansed of old stuff.”


Tim: “Like drinking enough water.”

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