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Emily Henderson: “The subject that we have been talking about with channeling, we might have to step outside of our current belief system so that we can see what it is that we really believe. What is it that we really want to exist in? How is it that we really want to live our lives? If we’ve existed for, you know, 34 years like I have. In one current set of belief systems, when we take just a minute to step outside of that, then we can look back on it and realize what it is that we really have. Maybe our current belief system or maybe a current religion will look even better to us, because we will see it for what it really is.”

Tim Porter: “You can open yourself for inspiration at that higher level to use in your own personal faith.”

Emily: “Yeah, exactly and that’s…”

Tim: “You just can’t be afraid to listen to it.”

Emily: “Exactly, and it’s when the fear comes in that you cut yourself off and you become disconnected. People might have different belief systems here. You know that everybody says that Utah is controlled by one religion. That’s a very common statement that I have heard outside of Utah but that’s not true. It’s not. Actually, I think it is like 80% of the population is not so, it’s very…”

Tim: “Really?”

Emily: “It’s very shocking when you hear that, but it’s becuase the voices you hear over the media or the fact that there’s like a… There’s Central Tabernacle, or whatever it is. The central Church of Salt Lake is located here. Just like in New York there is certain things that New York has that attracts people, right? Like Time Square is there. So you think of New York and you think of Time Square. Well, people think of Utah, and they think Mormans because of the iconic representation of it.”

Tim: “Sure!”

Emily: “So when you actually start participating in people’s lives here from an open perspective, there is one thing that is realized and it’s we all come from a common grain. We just might have different belief systems. And when you start to realize that common thread is what connects us all and that is the fact we chose to be in a body and we chose to come here to experience life. And we just allow others to believe and choose to live however we choose to live. Then once you see that connection, it doesn’t matter what we experience or what our belief systems are as long as we understand and honor the fact that all of our information may be perceived differently. It may serve us in different ways, but as long as we are open to it we can step outside of it to see it for what it really is.”

Tim: “Yeah, there are several teachings that are synonimous, like through different tex6ts or by different books used by different philosophies that are worded different, but they mean the same thing.”

Emily: “Exactly”

Tim: “So it’s a matter of not being afraid of different wordings, but maybe be open to maybe a different way to look at some of the problems.”

Emily: “A different way to look at it is like when I was in Seattle: a different way to look at it.”

Tim: “Yeah”

Emily: “You look at it from a different perspective. It’s so true, like I said earlier, Socrates has written about this, Plato has written about it, Jesus channeled, Buddah did. All of these religious figures…”

Tim: “They were being driven by…”

Emily: “Sacred,”

Tim: “They all channeled”

Emily: “Yeah, they all channeled. If you look at the information they have written,”

Tim: “I guess it just ah…”

Emily: “Joseph Smith,”

Tim: “Yeah”

Emily: “Channeled the Book Of Morman.”

Tim: “Yeah, in a way I guess he did.”

Emily: “He did! He used a Urim or Femin or something like that. He used like a device. And if you go back and read what he was talking about. It was all channeled information.”

Tim: “So it’s available to everybody!”

Emily: “Yeah, it is. The Indians channeled information. They actually had a person that would actually teach you how to channel their information. There are Spirit guides, there are wise men throughout history…”

Tim: “Oh,”

Emily: “It’s been talked about! It’s just been expressed in different ways. Some people say it was channeling, some people say it was information from God, that God was talking to me or the spirits told me or however that showed up.”

Tim: “That’s just a form of channeling.”

Emily: “Exactly, it all is. It’s all simple.”

Tim: “Well good, I am less aprehensive now.”

(Emily laughs)

Tim: “Again, I’m kind of the uh… I am Trying to be that person, you know, that doesn’t understand it fully. Somehow I have a way of fulfilling that role very well.”

Emily: “Have you ever read the Ringing Cedars books?”

Tim: “No, I have not.”

Emily: “Oh! Okay that’s a good place to start on your journey.”

Tim: “The what?”

Emily:”They’re called The Ringing Cedars.”

Tim: “The Ringing Cedars.”

Emily: “Yeah, it’s by Vladimir Megre, and there are nine books and it’s a series that… Actually when I was reading those books, it was in the midst of that because whatever you’re participating in, you’re picking up the frequencies of the person that’s writing it. So whenever you are reading a book that has a whole bunch of information in it, usually you are tuning yourself to the information in order to comprehend it. So when I was reading the Ringing Cedars books, all of a sudden I… it was when I woke up and wrote a children’s book ‘How No Thing Became Some Thing’. Then it was shortly after that that I started my publishing Company. Because this series of books just awakens this creative soul. It just absolutely… the way that it’s worded. The way that it’s written. It’s absolutely fantastic!”

Tim: “As soon as I finish my Twilight books,”

(Emily begins laughing)

Emily: “There ya go… no, The reason I bring that up is because in the books there are two characters. The one character that is like the one who has all the information. Basically the main character in the book is her. Her name is Anastasia. Vladimir is the man that comes to Anastasia that is the representation of The ignorance of society. Like the one who has been controlled and programmed and led to believe that he is just human, that he lives in a technological society that is isolated from the rest of the Universe. Anastasia is the one that brings him the information of ‘no that’s not who you are Vladimir!’ And so I was telling Jaesi earlier, my assistant. Yes! That is.. that is Tim’s role. He is our Vladimir.”

(Emily and Tim laugh)

Emily: “He is our Vladimir that is awakening haha.”

Tim: “It’s good too because being a constant hocky fan…”

(Emily laughs)

Tim: “Just call me Vladi”

Emily: “Vladi. We will just start calling you Vladi. So it’s fantastic and that is the good thing about is when you talk to somebody that is open to receiving information like I say in my book at the very end and very beginning. This Information was perfect for me. It’s my truth. It doesn’t mean it has to be yours. Everything that I say you have to take it in as personal truth. Actually, I ask you to question it. I ask you to please question every bit of it. Because when you question it, you’ll find your own truth.”

Tim: “Well said!”

Emily: “And when you start finding your own truth, then you become empowered.”

Tim: “Then you are on the path.”

Emily: “Then you’re there. It’s when you start asking the questions. It’s when you’re not asking and living in ignorance. But when you start asking, and you start questioning…”

Tim: “The answer’s always no!”

(Emily laughs)

Emily: “Unless it’s not”

Tim: “Well, um no, for the question that’s never asked.”

Emily: “Yes! Exactly. If you don’t ask, the Universe supports you in your ignorance.”

Tim: “Sure!”

Emily: “And it says, ‘Here! I’m going to absolutely embrace and support you in that. You can keep living in ignorance.’ When you start breaking through that and you start questioning. I always say ‘Please question what I write.’ Please question anything I tell you; because if you do, then I know that you’re awakening. And that’s what this show is. It’s asking the questions so that everyone can start asking their own questions. Because when you start asking questions, then you start finding your own answers. My answers are my answers. Doesn’t mean that they’re yours, but my answers just might awaken you enough to start asking your own questions.”

Tim: “I look forward to the journey.”

Emily: “Thank you, me too.”

Tim: “Just to get a bit of a better idea of who Emily Henderson is. She is a publisher. You have a publishing company.”

Emily: “Yes.”

Tim: “And you can find it on the web, unusually spelling.”

Emily: “Yeah, because we’re a publishing company. We don’t know how to spell.”

(Tim and Emily laugh)

Tim: “”

Emily: “Yes, yes. It’s…”

Tim: “”

Emily: “Thank you”

Tim: “And you can find out more about Emily and what she’s doing. Once again, an Amazing St. Georgen.”

(Emily giggles a little)

Tim: “Is that it?”

Emily: “Something like a St. Georgite.”

Tim: “St Georgite”

Emily: “I don’t Know a St. Georgen. How about just a citizen from St. George.”

Tim: “A citizen of St. George. Another remarkable citizen of St. George.”

Emily: “Thank you”

Tim: “Had Phil Tuckett in the studios yesterday, an amazing man! He was sitting there talking about stories of him talking to Orsan Wells. It was lively and then we also had the very talented Jeff Ham in the studios yesterday as well and again, the people that are being brought around this project. It just blows me away. I am humbled every day.”

Emily: “Well, that’s because you are in a space of humility and you’re in a space of openess to receiving information that the Universe is saying what to you.”

Tim: “Mmm humm”

Emily: “Here you go. Here’s your openess, so here’s your information, becasue you’re open to it.”

Tim: “I believe it.”

Emily: “Absolutely! That’s what happens.”

Tim: “Very cool.”

Emily: “Because it’s all about questioning.”

Tim: “It Is, and you have some extroadinary answers haha try to push that out.”

Emily: “Actually they are questioners.”

Tim: “Right, right, sure!”

Emily: “Yeah, sure! Because their questions… See I always say The one thinking that I have learned that has really assisted me in raising my children and in my relationships, business, and personal. Is that when somebody asks before coaching or advising. Or my childrens ask me for something. If I keep them in a state of question, then they find their own answers and I am never the one that’s held accountable for their results.”

Tim: “OOHhhh interesting.”

Emily: “So my children come to me and say, ‘Mom, Ashton’s hitting me!’ or ‘Mom, how do I do this?’ or ‘Mom, this is going wrong.’ My response is most of the time, right?”

Tim: “Yeah haha.”

Emily: “When I am in a good mood haha. Most of the time is ‘I am so excited to see how you are going to handle that’ or ‘Huh, show me what you’re gonna do with that’ or ‘What would you do?’. And because I keep them in question, then it empowers them. When you keep someone in a state of quesion, you’re not giving them the answers because you don’t ever have someone else’s answers.”

Tim: “No,”

Emily: “The only person that has the answers is themselves.”

Tim: “That’s some deep stuff for a four year-old.”

(Emily and Tim break out in laughter)

Emily: “At fisrt, especially my oldest. She would just roll her eyes at me and be like, Mo-Om! Now they actually enjoy it. It’s more enjoyable to them.”

Tim: “Sure, sure. You’re gonna have some pretty evolved children.”

Emily: “Well, that’s kind of the point, right? We’re breaking the cycle.”

Tim: “Right, exactly.”

(Tim whispers ‘there is no spoon!’)

(Emily breaks out into laughter)

Tim: “Just sums it up.”

Emily: “That’s right.”

(Emily and Tim laugh some more)

Emily: “My husband loves to do that. He loves…”

Tim: “TO channel the Matrix?”

Emily: “That’s right haha.”

(Tim and Emily laugh some more)

Tim: “I can channel a half a dozen movies in any given conversation.”

Emily: “That’s right. There you go. There is your gift! Right there. Your gift of memory.”

(Emily laughs)

Tim: “It could be, yeah. Give me a cane and a hat and a stage curtain.”

Emily: “There you go, and that’s your expression. Your way to express. I always sit there and say ‘gosh, I wish…’ Because my memory, I have the worst memory, or up until now I have had the worst memory. My goal is to have a better memory. Just quotes and information. I just don’t retain very well.”

Tim: “What kind of memory are you using? Maybe that’s your problem.”

Emily: “Well, that’s one thing. You are right on! Because what I finally discovered was that my brain is more in tune, the type of brain I was born with in realty in this time around, is a brain that is able to discern immediate information instead of storing information for a long amount of time. Like I use all of my brain function to be able to decifer a situation and to pick it apart and relay it in a comprehensible way. Instead of storing a whole bunch of informatin to be given out later. So I can take information in the immediate moment and channel it, decifer it, and make it comprehensable instead of. Everyone’s brains work differently. So you store information differently then I do.”

Tim: “On my iPhone.”

(Emily laughs)

Emily: “That’s right, I have one on my Droid.”

Emily: “Like Zo. He always amazes me. One of my authors and that he can pull up any quote at any moment. I’ll say ‘quote something from Aristotle’ and he’ll just like an exact qoute, or ‘quote something about rememberence’ or something and he can just deliver them like that. I’m just like ‘How do you do that?’! That’s his gift but not mine haha.”

Tim: “Yeah, just give me a couple of strokes and some screen touches and I’ll get any answer you want.”

Emily: “Exactly! Yeah so our brain processes information differently…”

Tim: “And that’s true though. It’s the society we live in. We don’t have to remember things.”

Emily: “Yeah,”

Tim: “We don’t have to learn things.”

Emily: “No,”

Tim: “All we have to do is Google it or Wiki.”

Emily: “Yeah, that’s right haha.”

Tim: “Yeah, well think… I wouldn’t diagnose you with anything Emily.”

Emily: “Thank you, thank you very much.”

Tim: “We have definitelly gone soft on that muscle that does remember.”

Emily: “Well, that’s why I have notes with me at all times.”

Tim: “Yeah, that’s right, you don’t need a memory.”

Emily: “That’s right.”

Tim: “You got Jaesi!”

Emily: “That’s right! I have Jaesi, that’s what she’s for. She is, she’s like my little… When we were doing an event last weekend and she was so… I was like ‘Ahh you’re such a breath of fresh air!’ She walked around with the clipboard and was making lists for me of what I needed to do the next day and at the top of the list it was ‘sleep’.”

(Emily and Tim both start laughing)

Emily: “And I was like, ‘she totally thoroughly understands me.”

Tim: “Mine would be the same way, but except I would be working from the bottom up. Start crossing off.”

Emily: “Yeah, exactly!”

Tim: “Well, maybe we should get on both a little bit of that. Hey! I want to thank everyone out there for listening. Being a part of KTIM 95.3 FM In St. George. The cool thing about you guys listening right now is that you guys are early adaptors. You’re the first ones on the block to have the iPhone, because we are really trying to do something very cool for this town and if you are inspired. The things we look for are passion and ideas.”

Emily: “Yes!”

Tim: “Those are all welcome here and again, we want to represent the community as a whole. Because I love this place! For any of you that doubt there’s a higher spiritual level here. Just look to the north to the west to the south. Maybe not so much to the north.”

Emily: “Well, you know, it is said through out a lot of ancient…”

Tim: “It’s everywhere.”

Emily: “Ancient teachings and even new is that everything manifests in spirit first and so therefore what is manifested physically in your body and around you is just a physical manifestation of your spiritual energy. So if you look around here at these beautiful mountains and this beautiful valley and the way it’s laid out. That would tell you from the physical appearance that we are in a very powerful and spiritual area.”

Tim: “There is a hundered umpteenth thousand beautiful people here.”

Emily: “Yeah, absolutely.”

Tim: “That’s what I want to know.”

Emily: “Absolutely,”

Tim: “You guys are my family.”

Emily: “Also, with my publishing company, I just want to throw this out there. That we are always accepting new manuscripts and new authors. So if you are another author that has information that you would love to share, if you channeled it or you’ve got a great story. You know, we take in all kinds of stories. The only requirement is that it has to be from an uplifting or inspirational. We don’t publish murder mysteries or anything.”

Tim: “Oh, darn!”

Emily: “You can get onto my website and click on ‘I want to submit a manuscript’ and send it to me, because I would love to hear, especially locally here in St. George. There’s such a vast aray of artistic and beautiful people here so it would be great. We are up to our ears, but we are always expanding so.”

Tim: “Very cool, to find out more about Emily, to find out more about the people you’re going to be hearing and seeng, because we are U-streaming this show actually I think my iPhone gave up a ghost. Yeah, it’s completely dead. I took a chance and I started it at 41%, it was done. Not gonna happen. We are working on getting cameras in and a better upload so we can actually do that kind of stuff. Stay tuned to KTIM because you just never know what you’re going to get. There’s shows coming online all the time now and very interesting people that are very representative of right here in town. So if you love St. George, let KTIM be on your presets and come back often. Thank you so much, Emily Henderson.”

Emily: “Thank You!”

Tim: “For just hangin’ out with me for two hours.”

Emiy: “Yeah? Oh, it’s been two hours?”

Tim: “It has been two hours.”

Emily: “Look at that, see good things happen when you’re talking with good people.”

Tim: “Exactly, have a great night!”

Emily: “See you next Monday!”

Tim: “Once again the music that we have been listening to underneath, and I’ve really enjoyed that.”

Emily: “Isn’t it fantastic!”

Tim: “Omnipure, local Music, if you want to find out more go to and we’ll go out with that. You guys have a fantastic monday night. We’ll talk to you tomorrow at KTIM 95.3.”

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