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We cherish our authors here at Kokonutlime Books and feel that they deserve the most attention above anything else. Here we provide them with tools and tutorials on marketing themselves from online to offline and setting a plan that goes beyond the scope of their book and their time with us. Each author has their own online space to work on these tutorials, get updates from us, and view the status of their book’s progress. If you are interested in becoming an author with Kokonutlime Books and have book ideas, then visit our Submission Process page.

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You are a content creator. You’ve proven that by your book and it’s your content by which we chose you. You are good at creating good content. You want to start thinking now about what you can do with that content. How many different formats can you make out of it? Where are all the places you can put these different formats? What are all the different ways you could have people help with getting into different formats and different places?

Whether you just published a book or are waiting for it to be published, you can start attracting customers now. It will take more than a website and a good book though. You want to start getting yourself out there, and Kokonutlime can help. We take you step by step through every ‘channel’ where you can grab the attention of your target audience from getting a following on twitter to creating a website in Getting Yourself Out There. We also help you with creating quality content to put through those channels to engage people with and even help in gear selection and workflow of that content in Content Creation. You can start learning from either, but before you do, you need to figure out who your target audience is and what you have to offer. Click on Your Universe Contract to get started.


Getting Started: Your Universe Contract

Getting Yourself Out There

Content Creation

Tracking Your Audience Growth

Making Money

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