Max the Mouse Goes to The Moon

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Max The Mouse Goes to The Moon by Bretton Hadfield

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Bretton Hadfield has recently released “Max the Mouse Goes to the Moon”. Written as a bedtime story for his son, Max the Mouse is a character that inspires young and old with a tale of how even the smallest of beings can bring about great accomplishments. Children are born with an innate desire to explore, discover, and learn. Often children are faced with challenges or obstacles and lack the ability or know-how to overcome them. Teaching children through stories and play is the most engaging and memorable way for a hild to absorb tools for growth and development. Max the Mouse Goes to the Moon teaches several of these life lessons in a simple, yet poignant story.

Max is an unstoppable mouse with a clear intention. His keen desire to go to the moon, in spite of jeers from his friends, shows readers that desire, willingness to take action, and following one’s heart can make dreams come true. Through beautiful watercolor illustrations by Kera Baker, “Max the Mouse Goes to the Moon” will capture the attentions, hearts, and spirits of all who read this powerful tale of persistance and prevail.

When he is not writing, Bretton Hadfield is a father and husband, a career attorney and an adventurer. He is committed that people live lives they love, fulfilling their wishes and fondest dreams.

“As our little ones shoot for moons of their own, as they risk and they fail, as they try and achieve, let us encourage that divine spark within, for each of them is the gift this world prayed to recieve.” -Bretton Hadfield

Author: Bretton Hadfield

Illustrator: Kera Baker

Length: 36 pages

Format: Paperback

Publication Date: May 31, 2011

ISBN-10: 0983383340

ISBN-13: 978-0983383345

About the Author Bretton Hadfield


“I love the artwork for this sweet little story. You are never too young or old to reach for your dreams. Max doesn’t just dream alone, he puts in effort and then a bit of luck gives him a boost. Cute little book.” -Kymmer Crookston

“The illustrations are nothing short of phenomenal with a message that tells your child to go for their dreams, whatever they are! Max encounters disbelievers and even a few set backs, but he keeps trying, and a surprise at the end has Max make it on the rocket!” -K. Hadfield


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