Submission Process

We are always happy when a new author finds his or her way to our door–opportunity knocks on both sides! If you are an author who is determined to see your manuscript become a book, perhaps we are the publisher you have been searching for.

If you are interested in becoming a published author, please click here and tell us about your work or ideas. Your submitted manuscript will be reviewed by our skilled and thorough acquisitions staff, who will determine whether or not your work has what it takes to be a book.

Meanwhile, please take the time to tour our website–see who we are, what our vision is, and what others are saying about us!

Are you looking for a printer or a publisher? Remember that there is a lot more involved with publishing than just printing your book. It will take a lot more time, but will be worth the wait for a quality product. We offer the following services for your book:

Author Rights

First of all, you retain the copyright of your book. If you haven’t yet registered your book at the Library of Congress, we will provide you with the link to the forms to secure a registration. You will also retain all non-book rights, unless you instruct us otherwise. Our contracts have a limited duration, generally of seven years. Older contracts with different duration clauses can be re-negotiated at all times.

Furthermore, you are always the intellectual owner of the book. No one is allowed to tamper with the text after you have made it final. Digital printing makes it technically possible to make changes to texts at any time, therefore your contract protects you against such outside tampering. You are your book’s creator, writer, and intellectual owner. That is why it is vital that you make your final draft indeed final, because even the intellectual owner cannot change the book once it has gone to print.

Then, last but not least, you are entitled to having fun! It is important that you enjoy being a published writer. To have your book out and have other people buy and read it is pure joy. Our goal is to spread stories that are inspiring and touch people’s lives. Being a part of this process creates an impact through your writing. Enjoy it!

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