The Happy Apricots

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The Happy Apricots written by Brittney Mortimer and illustrated by Emily Henderson

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Order The Happy Apricots: The Orchards Meet The Apricots by Brittney Mortimer Paperback @ $14.95

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Book Description:

Nora, Silas, and Avery are three unusual apricots! After being picked from their tree in the farmer’s orchard, they are taken home to live with Mr. and Mrs. Orchard. This begins their adventures with the “outside” world where they discover they have invisible arms. They find out their favorite foods, build a rollercoaster, and find new and exciting ways to climb furniture. These happy apricots will always make you smile with their newest discoveries!


Author: Brittney Mortimer

Illustrator: Emily Henderson

Length: 70 pages

Format: Paperback or Kindle

Publication Date: November 18, 2011

ISBN-10: 0983383367

ISBN-13: 978-0983383369


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