The Powers of Influence

***Coming this September*** The Powers of Influence by C.B. Haight.*** This book isn't just another tale about the supernatural. It is an epic tale about the unpredictability that accompanies the secret world of the supernatural. The main character, Collett, has no memory of her past and is being pursued by a dark force that she has never actually seen. Through adversity she searches for hope; learning to trust strangers who have come to her aid that are unlike anyone else she's ever met. As Collett searches for answers to the dark force that is after her she finds the key to the secrets locked within her past: The Powers of Influence. In this suspension packed series based in a modern, supernatural world of witches, magic, and intrigue, Collett is far more than she appears. The question is: What will it take for her to find her own power? Will her hope ensure victory or destroy her?

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