The Process Volume 1: The Infinite Me

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The Infinite Me by Zo the Peacemaker

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About The Infinite Me:

Zo has a talent for taking deeply spiritual wisdom and translating it into logical, practical and applicable ideas.  The Infinite Me is a spiritual, yet thought provoking read. Though it has taken almost two years to compile, it has been in the making for almost two decades. The Infinite Me is a compilation of everyday wisdom and expansive (infinite) ideas— a merging of old and new concepts. It takes ideas that may seem impossible to grasp and puts them into everyday examples, charts and diagrams. Zo takes a hard look at the human condition and shows us the functionality of compassion, love and inner peace. Throughout this book, you aren’t just asked questions or given answers, you will receive a tool and a practical solution to any life challenge.  In over 300 clients that Zo has worked with over the past two years, he can testify to the dramatic shifts and results those who have used The Process experience.  Zo, himself, is a living testament to its effectiveness.  As he has shifted from a self-destructive life cycle into satisfaction and peace, he continues to use this tool over and over again. This tool was created to serve his mission:  World peace.  In speeding up the process of finding inner peace through conscious evolution, Zo believes we as a body of humanity will experience world peace.


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Early Praise for The Infinite Me:

“Peacemaker succeeds in addressing the sacred needs of every human being within this practical and honest guide. He begins to untangle the messes we create in our lives daily, and does so through sound advice and compassion for those in search of a more positive lifestyle. By the last page, it feels as though the world is an entirely new thing to be experienced. It deserves a place on the bookshelf, right next to The Four Agreements and Way of the Peaceful Warrior.”
-Rayla Gomez, Freelance Editor

“Imaginative and far-reaching! Zo’s seamless blending and evolving journey of understanding and self discovery through the tapestry of life’s biggest questions.  Truly an inclusive handbook for the wayward traveler of this and and the connecting dimensions.”    – Tyrel Wiltse, Co-Founder Rejuven8 Thru Nature/Universalist


“Boom! Explosion! Epiphany! This is what happened to my head several times throughout this book. I never realized my power until now. This book revealed an infinite source of  love, energy, peace, success and everything all from inside me. The infinite me.  It shed light on past relationships that I never fully understood until now. It raised my awareness and gave me a new perspective that empowers me yet satisfies me with whatever comes my way. This book is full of neat tools to turning garbage into gold and making magic happen in your life. I’m amazed by Zo’s awareness. He truly has a gift for bringing 5th dimensional ideas down to Earth and connecting the spiritual with the scientific and the ethereal with the physical. This book clears a path to inner peace and thus, everyone on a path to world peace.”  – Jaesi Bone, Composer


“Zo has succeeded in communicating the message that happiness and peace must come from within instead of depending on things outside of ourselves. His message about our power to turn garbage into gold gives us the knowing that living an accountable life can in turn create world peace. Communicating this message to the world is an increasingly important endeavor as humanity continues to wake up and realize in order to create world peace we must first find our own peace within.”   -Daniel Pettegrew, Founder of World Peace Gardens


“Reading this book is as if I were sitting at the foot of a Native Elder, listening to the wisdom passed down through centuries of observation, experience and wonder. Not only does Zo expose our self-limiting beliefs, but he gives us simple and effective answers as to how we can begin to change our lives from the inside out.”   -Jake Ducey, Author of Into the Wind


“The Infinite Me is a book about the Universe inside us. The author compares negative life experiences to drowning: “The truth is we are all born with the tools and knowledge of how to swim; we spent the first nine months of our existence in water.” This book is a good read for those looking for a tool that is easy to use and universal to all negative issues that come up in life. It is a tool of empowerment that can be taught to all ages. I highly recommend this book to those who are seeking a way to change there life that is easy to use, easy to teach and master. This tool assists in bringing the consciousness from self-doubt to self-empowerment.”   -Brenda Forbes, R.N., B.S.N.


“In life, never knowing what note to hit next, Zo’s book provides wonderful, intuitive insight into the notes that sing to our souls.”  -Benjamin Dara, Musician & Poet


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