The Triad Principle

What is The Triad Principle?

It is a chain of thought that travels throughout the Universe in opposing direction.  The moment it connects to another thought that propels it in a positive or a negative direction, it changes direction to connect again.  This is the basis of the principle.

This blog is about The Triad Principle.  For the principle is so large of an idea that even in its simplest form it cannot be expressed in a simple paragraph.  It fills volumes, yet its concept is simple.  It is about the third dimensional, human condition.  It is at the moment the triad realizes it is only a triad because it is connected that it births a new unit into four.

Let Go of Guilt and Take in Bliss

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Never refuse to pay homage to any thing that brings you joy… for whenever you feel joy, the universe smiles… and will always provide whatever you need to feel that bliss. When you feel guilt around your joy, it brings disappointment- not unto the bringer, but unto the receiver. For a moment of bliss is what all creation is ever after.

Universe Within…

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Look in that mirror. Look at your eyes. Do you see their lustre? Or do you see their imperfection? Do you see their wisdom in experience—or do you see their failure to see how the experience would end before it began?

Do you look at your hair and see each strand as a receiver of energetic impulse? Do you see it as an antenna to the cosmos, absorbing the river of energetic potential? Do y

ou look upon your skin and see its expression of your inner state of being? Do you see it as the loving container that it is? Do you see it as the boundary between experience? The absorption of your realm of inner and outer workings—encompassing the necessary components of your structural makeup, protecting the precious clockwork within. Do you see each blemish as Source expressing itself through experience? Do you see the blemish as a communication to your consciousness of the state of your Universe within?Do you realize the possibility of a planetary system floating within you? Do you think of yourself as a God or Goddess, encompassing an entire cosmos with the layer of flesh that surrounds the organs that contain cells… each cell containing enough information within it to create an entire Universe? If each of your cells contains the information to create a Universe, who is to say one is not residing within it already?

Do you treat your body as if you are the master of your Universe?

Do you communicate love, peace, joy, compassion and mercy to your Universe with each thought, each beam of emotion?

If not, what are you telling it? What if that roll of fat on your stomach that you curse every morning contained a cell that was an entire Universe? What if, inside that Universe there were a planet called Earth… and what if, upon that planet there were a human being standing there, looking in the mirror, wondering if there were an Earth inside her?


See Through Your Heart

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If you see through negative eyes, you will only ever see the negative energy before you. If you see through positive eyes, you will only ever see the positive energy before you. If you see through your heart, you will always feel truth, leaving your eyes the chance to see it also.


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It is the moment humanity realizes it is not loved for what it does or how it acts that it will know the true bliss of existence. To know that one is loved not because they are breathing, but because they are part of the breath, is a realization that one is welcome to be loved by all. When this realization becomes known by the body of humanity, it will be experienced as a reality of knowing that love is not given because it is earned, it is given because it is given. It is then that it will be received because it is received.


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Whatever space you are operating from in this very moment, this very millisecond… That space?

That is what you will see in your surroundings.

If you want to SEE good, BE good.

If you want to see joy, be joy.

I f you want to see pain, be pain.

If you want to see charity, be charity.

If you want to see love, be love.

If you want to see hate, be hate.

If you want to see judgment, be judgment.

If you want to see wicked, be wicked.

If you want to see doubt, be doubt.

If you want to see trust, be trust.

If you want to see peace, be peace.


Simple enough?


From The Triad Principle

Love and Fear

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Love is how fear shows up in the presence of light. -The Triad Principle

Blue Moon

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Next time you look to another and think they are too far into the light or too far into the dark, just remember:  In order to have balance in all things there has to be equal weight on both sides of the scale.  Just because you aren’t seeing at the whole picture doesn’t mean their contribution doesn’t make the Universe balanced.   -From The Triad Principle, Emily Henderson‘s upcoming book

I hope you all enjoyed the blue moon. This picture was taken by Kayli Hawker that night. She has a lot of cool pictures, check them out. We love you Kayli!

Do We Really Get Smarter With Age?

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Sometimes those moments we feel the most love are simply the moments we see the parts of ourselves we might have forgotten about that we love the most. For love isn’t something we find in another; it is simply a moment where we see the person we want to be in another. It is when we begin to realize we already are that person that self-love is found. It is the reason we love the innocence of a baby, the playfulness of a toddler and the fresh new look at the world in the eyes of a 6-year old. No matter how routine our lives become, once we see the parts of ourselves in another that we forgot were there, we can remember that each moment carries the possibility to feel love…

Past and Future

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There is nothing different here that I am saying that has not been said before. The only difference between what was said then and what is being said now is that I am saying it now. The one who said it before you did not know. As a human we have the tendency to be disenchanted with what is right in front of us. Why, you say? Because if we were to look at it with intentional listening we might be overwhelmed with the sensory perception in the present moment. Our minds keep us from over-booting our senses by taking us to the past and future. It is not until our bodies are conditioned to receive the amount of energy transmitted in every millisecond that it will be a physical constituent of our present awareness. For it is in the state of presence that our true power is found. In this realization we might begin to awaken to why it was important to create a past and a future in the first place.

-The Triad Principle

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