Universe Within…

Look in that mirror. Look at your eyes. Do you see their lustre? Or do you see their imperfection? Do you see their wisdom in experience—or do you see their failure to see how the experience would end before it began?

Do you look at your hair and see each strand as a receiver of energetic impulse? Do you see it as an antenna to the cosmos, absorbing the river of energetic potential? Do y

ou look upon your skin and see its expression of your inner state of being? Do you see it as the loving container that it is? Do you see it as the boundary between experience? The absorption of your realm of inner and outer workings—encompassing the necessary components of your structural makeup, protecting the precious clockwork within. Do you see each blemish as Source expressing itself through experience? Do you see the blemish as a communication to your consciousness of the state of your Universe within?Do you realize the possibility of a planetary system floating within you? Do you think of yourself as a God or Goddess, encompassing an entire cosmos with the layer of flesh that surrounds the organs that contain cells… each cell containing enough information within it to create an entire Universe? If each of your cells contains the information to create a Universe, who is to say one is not residing within it already?

Do you treat your body as if you are the master of your Universe?

Do you communicate love, peace, joy, compassion and mercy to your Universe with each thought, each beam of emotion?

If not, what are you telling it? What if that roll of fat on your stomach that you curse every morning contained a cell that was an entire Universe? What if, inside that Universe there were a planet called Earth… and what if, upon that planet there were a human being standing there, looking in the mirror, wondering if there were an Earth inside her?


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