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Kokonutlime Konversations: Episode 1

Emily: “Hi, my name is Emily Henderson! Welcome to our first episode of Kokonutlime Konverstions. I’m here today with Jaesi Christian.”

Jaesi: “Hello!”

Emily: “Today, we’re going to talk a little bit about how the name Kokonutlime came to be and a little bit about how our company started. And then maybe talk a little bit about one of our first books “The Dichotomy of Wholeness”. First of all, I wanted to ask you Jaesi to kind of give a little bit of an overview about how you came to be involved with our company and what your take is on Kokonutlime Publishing.”

Jaesi: “So awhile ago I read these books called the Ringing Cedars Series. They talk a lot about nature and metaphysical things and opened my mind and brought a lot of new perspectives to me. So I wanted to connect more with people with the same perceptions. I found a social network for the Ringing Cedars online and I found you on there. You happened to have written a children’s book inspired by that and so I was checking out your book online and I saw that you were also from southern Utah. So I immediately had to find you because it’s a small area here. You happened to come down and I met with you. And it was amazing to meet you. I immediately just fell in love with your ideas and wanted to help you. I loved the people that you attracted in your life and that you attracted many amazing and awesome people. So I just wanted to be a part of whatever you were going to start and you started Kokonutlime Publishing and so I jumped right on board!”

Emily: “Yeah, that’s your story! Your sticking to it; I love it. You know, I just love the whole entire law of attraction and it’s becoming so popular right now. It’s really interesting, because, you know, you say that I attracted these people into our lives and when I started Kokonutlime Publishing, it was kind of a result of or, you know, one of those moments of inspiration. I had written my children’s book and had gone through the whole entire process of illustrating and got down to publishing and I researched several different publishing companies.”

“So what happened was that I had looked at all these different publishing companies and what I found, pretty consistently, was that there weren’t a lot that just represented only uplifting, only the positive, or messages that were out there for upliftment. I really had come to believe at that point in my life that, you know, those sad stories didn’t need to be told anymore. It’s not that I don’t honor that space that people come from. It’s not that I don’t honor the human experience. It was just that we as a body of humanity are really attempting to create something different, to raise our vibration, to come back out of the darkness or so to speak. And I wanted to contribute to that by starting a publishing company that was really only about the positive messages and bringing light into darkness. So I woke up one morning, after kind of considering it, and was inspired to start this company. At first I thought, how in the heck am I going to start a publishing company?”

Jaesi: “Yeah, that’s quite the big endeavor.”

Emily: “Yeah, I thought, oh gosh, I’m gonna have to go to school for it or I’m gonna have to get a degree or whatever. So I started doing research online and the message came to me. It was kind of like that movie “Field of Dreams”, you know, build it and they will come. And so I thought, okay, I totally get that movie in a whole new way. So I did. I just started piecing it together and when I felt like I was ready, I just announced it on Facebook. Within the first two weeks, I had all these new authors that I couldn’t even keep track of.”

Jaesi: “Yeah, now we’re booked with manuscripts, lots of manuscripts!”

Emily: “Yeah, yeah, it just flooded!”

Jaesi: “So many stories to share; it’s awesome.”

Emily: “Yeah, it was kind of like open the floodgates and here it comes. So you know, I was really blessed with that opportunity and so you know, here we are, almost a year later, and I think it was in March when I started it and it’s March and here we go to our one year anniversary. And wow, it’s been such a blessing.”

“It was really funny, because when it came to naming my company, the only name that I even came up with like there was really no other option was Kokonutlime Publishing. And I thought, well gosh, it sounds more like a restaurant! Or some kind of juice bar or something, but Kokonutlime has been kind of like my alter ego or whatever for ten or fifteen years. It was back in college when I was in northern Utah and I was creating a Hotmail account, an email account, and, of course, Emily is a common name. So you know, my options were like emily1977 or something and that’s not original. Of course, I wanted to be original.”

Jaesi: “Yeah, of course. We have the creative Emily here, can’t just stick with a name and a number.”

Emily: “Yeah, so I just started playing around with my name. My name backwards without the “y” is “lime” and then, of course, I’m a huge fan of Kokopelli. Kokopelli is actually the indian god of love and joy and there are some stories that, you know, Kokopelli is the god of feritlity as well and to me, fertility is about birth and newness and fresh! And so I was kind of like, oh kokopelli lime… oh well that doesn’t really work and I was kind of like, well I’m nuts about kokopelli, you know kokonut. And then I was like, oh, kokonutlime, there we go!”

Jaesi: “That’s close enough!”

Emily: “Yeah, that’s right! So that’s why the kokonut is spelled with a “k”. It’s not because we’re a publishing company and we don’t know how to spell. It’s really a reference to Kokopelli which is about fresh beginnings, about love and joy, and creating that path.”

Jaesi: “Refreshing the mind, body, and soul.”

Emily: “Exactly, that is what we are.”

Jaesi: “That’s so cool. I love the name Kokonutlime. It makes me crave coconuts every time I think of it.”

Emily: “Yeah, you said the other day you were making, what was it, a soup out of coconuts…”

Jaesi: “Thai coconut lentil soup or something. It was really good. You could hardly taste the coconut, but it made it taste really fresh with the coconut and lime.”

Emily: “I still got to try that.”

Jaesi: “I’ll make it for ya”

Emily: “Thank you. Yeah, so it was really interesting so when we first met, like you said we met online on a social network and I didn’t know the story of how you had found me. I just remembered that you had sent me a message saying, you know, a girl from this little small community of ours is talking about these big ideas, you know it was just really unusual and I just kind of laughed. It was just by turn of fate, I guess we could say in one form or another we ended up being cohorts in this company.”

Jaesi: “It was meant to be”

Emily: “Yeah and it’s been really neat, having set the precedent with this company for only having uplifting and inspiring stories, the amazing people that we have attracted as authors has just blown me away. You know, one of my dear friends Bretton Hadfield, who was the first one to entrust me with his manuscript “Max the Mouse Goes to the Moon” and he had spent a lot of time on that book and to turn that over to me with all faith in the world was just so touching to me. He’s such a neat man. He is a lawyer out of northern Utah that we’ll have on a later podcast, but he’s written several other books. And then it was like the floodgates were open and all these amazing people, you know, just kind of started pouring in. We’ve gotten fortunate enough to have people like Amy Palmer, Kasey and Brad Wallis, Zo Klimowics, and Britney Mortimer, oh she is so full of personality, I love that girl. So it’s just, it’s been really neat. And then, of course, I end up having one of the coolest people to work with ever, Jaesi Christian! Just land on my doorstep. Yeah, not only creative, but talented and gets it and, you know, I love that I can say, hey Jaesi I need this done, and you just like run with it. It’s amazing. There’s not very many people in the world that you can entrust something that I put my heart and soul into, I can entrust to someone else and say that I know you’re going to do the job that I would do myself.”

Jaesi: “Well, thanks! I love going for things and I love getting stuff done. Getting stuff done is like my favorite thing to do like everyday my husband’s like, what do you want to do, and I’m like, I gotta get stuff done! Anyways, he makes fun of me for that. And nothing ever seems to frighten me like no matter how big the endeavor, I trust that I can at least try and get somewhere, you know, or get close. You know, shoot for the moon and if you don’t get the moon, then you’ll land among the stars at least.”

Emily: “I love that. You know it’s really funny that you say that because through my whole life, I’ve had kind of like the same type of outlook, you know. It’s like if I don’t at least try, how am I gonna know whether I can do it or not.”

Jaesi: “Exactly, yeah.”

Emily: “Might as well just go for it, and if I go for it with full board, then, you know, nothing is really gonna stop it. It’s like when I make up my mind that I want something, nothing gets in my way.”

Jaesi: “Yeah and that seems to be something that I notice with a lot of experts and gurus is that they started out really not being the guru, but already saying to the world like, I am the guru for this or I am the expert on this and they learned on the way and eventually became the expert, you know, just by saying I am and opening the doors.”

Emily: “Yeah, well you know that’s kind of how my book “The Dichotomy of Wholeness” was written is I woke up early one morning and, you know, that wee hours of the morning that all of my inspiration comes and it was just I had that inspiration to write. And so I did, you know, I just followed it because that’s just always been something that I’ve done. If I have an inspiration to do something, if there’s, you know, something, if I have a feeling about something; I usually will follow it and it’s very rare that I don’t. And so I, you know, of course I was 3-months pregnant with my now 4 year- old and it was the middle of the winter and our heater was one of those in the ground furnaces that we didn’t run at night so it was really cold being under all the blankets and stuff. In the middle of November or the beginning of November in Saint George, it is the desert, but it does get cold in the winter there especially at 3 o’ clock in the morning. So I was like, I am not getting out of bed! I have just finally gotten myself settled in. I am not feeling so hot being in those, you know, morning sickness months and getting out of bed is really not on my list of things to do tonight. But you know it was just one of those repetitive thoughts where I couldn’t go back to sleep and so I thought, ok well I’m either gonna have to get out of bed and write or I’m gonna sit here all night thinking, get up, get a pen, and write. So I gave in and, you know, the result of that has been pretty amazing by just following my instinct. By following my natural knowing I was able to get into touch with so many different resources and, you know, began this amazing journey that ended up in having my own publishing company.”

“The book being written over four years, it was just so funny to me because I would write like I did that early morning the first time I wrote for just I don’t know how long it was. The time seem to pass so quickly. But then I would go back and read it and it would be like, woah, like that was kind of cool! What did I just write about?”

Jaesi: “And I’ve been reading it and I’m always like, Emily, I loved what you said right here and your like, what? I totally forgot about that. Your like, I wrote that?”

Emily: “I know, it’s so bad! It’s like I’ve never read my book; it’s so funny. I read it in the midst of writing it, of course. You know, I know what it’s about, but it’s a matter of like I couldn’t really quote much from it, because I really didn’t take much personal ownership of the book. I still don’t and I don’t really take much personal ownership of my publishing company. It’s kind of like, you know, one of those things where, you know, when you have a child and give birth to that child and, of course, you say that’s my child. But that child in and of itself is a creation that you birthed into the world and then you kind of just like let it go and just nurture it and allow that child to grow. The more you try to control a child, the more fear you like bring upon a child, then the more that child is gonna end up probably with some fear or control issues or whatever. As I do with my own children, with my children we home-school our four children and I really believe that the most important lessons that I can bring into my children’s lives is to just allow them the freedom to discover who they are and just nurture them and guide them. That’s kind of what I did with the book. Yeah, with my book and with this publishing company, it was just kind of like, it just kind of birthed itself and I was just kind of…”

Jaesi: “And you were just holding on.”

Emily: “Yeah, you know, I was just really the hand that wrote it and, I mean, I think it was many years of inspiration and a combination of that and a combination of, you know, some wisdom from another dimension maybe. And I really think that all of us have that channel or all of us have-”

Jaesi: “The ability-”

Emily: “Yeah, we all have the ability to tune into our higher self or whatever that looks like for each of us. And that’s really what that book was all about was finding my own answers. I would have a question or a repetitive thought about a conversation or whatever and then when I began to type, all of the sudden here it came, these answers that were so profound and I felt like, gosh, you know, who am I to be writing this? I don’t have a doctorate degree or a master’s degree, but, you know, that just goes to prove that all of us have it within us. You know, I was just a stay-at-home mom of four that just contemplated or though about things and was willing to open myself up to delivering whatever answers I was looking for or messages that were waiting to be discussed.”

Jaesi: “Yeah, and I would encourage those who are listening to, in order to find your wisdom, just try simply sitting down with a pen and paper and just letting whatever comes come and not trying to control it or anything and you’ll find amazing answers for yourself and your own wisdom. It’s a cool experience.”

Emily: “There’s a lot of healing involved in that too, I know that I have a sister who has been down a lot of roads that have brought a lot of really powerful lessons to her and I gave her the coaching one day, you know, that maybe you do have a lot of stories to tell. I really truly believe that writing can be very therapeutic. Everybody has a story to tell and some people think that they’re not writers because they think, oh I have to sit down and write a book from beginning to end. “The Dichotomy of Wholeness” was literally written a page at a time, just you know, not in any order and it all came at once. There’s so much inspiration, not in just a spiritual or self-development book, but in any kind of fiction or children stories or anything like that. Those stories kind of like develop into their own entities if you just allow it to flow. You know, we have a 14 year-old author right now that’s extremely talented and she’s written two books and one of them we’re about to publish and the other one we got in acquisitions right now. To me that just kind of says in so many levels, all you have to do is know that you can do something and it will manifest.”

Jaesi: “Totally and if you actually want to read some of “The Dichotomy of Wholeness”, we are giving a free chapter away if you sign up for our newsletter. Just go check out our site at www.kokonutlime.com and you’ll see our newsletter’s on there and you’ll get a free chapter. It’s the chapter called “What Einstein Knew” and it’s our favorite chapter that we’ve picked out for you.”

Emily: “You know, it’s so funny, because I really enjoy that chapter just because the topic it discusses about not having to retain all of the knowledge of the universe, but being able to access it whenever you deserve to have that information at whatever point in your life that it is necessary. And, you know, there’s so many different chapters in that book that I go back and read and I’ve read over and over again over the last four years and since I’ve published it, I haven’t really had the chance to sit down and read it, I haven’t had the time; but before that when I would go back and read over some of those things, every time it would just take on a whole new dimension, a whole new meaning. Just like so many different writings out there and so many different books like “Conversations with God”, I remember like the first time that I read that I was like, huh? But now I go back and I read it and I’m like, whoa, oh my gosh! I didn’t get that. Did I read that before? Or Deepak Chopra, he’s one of the other greats. So, you know, there’s so much to intake every time you read.”

Jaesi: “Yeah, it’s definitely one of those books that requires reading more than once or you can start anywhere in it. You don’t have to start from the beginning and just to go wherever you like in it.”

Emily: “Yeah, that’s what my husband did when he read it. He didn’t read it from beginning to end. He just would pick a random chapter and just like, ok I’m gonna read this one today. I mean, there is information in the book from beginning to end that kind of builds on each other like in the beginning, you know, it talks about receiving and different things so like at the end of the book it does talk about things that were referred to in the beginning so there is a greater understanding that can be developed from beginning to end. But it is one of those books that’s not a continuous story or anything that would have to be, you know, that way.”

Jaesi: “Yeah and there’s actually something cool to share. I was talking with a friend yesterday and she’s suffered from seizures before. And we were talking about this book and I was telling her the part in it, where it says, that our brains and our bodies are just, you know, that we’re just suppose to be witnesses or that the brain is just a witness. Our thoughts aren’t from our brain or anything, you know, and so I shared that with her and she’s like, that sounds so familiar and she was kind of sharing with me her experience of when she would have a seizure, her brain would shut down, but she was still there. But, you know, she couldn’t control anything and it was just really interesting.”

Emily: “Wow, that’s awesome. Like I said, it’s amazing when I hear other people talk about the book, because I go, oh really? That’s so cool! It’s like sometimes I feel like there’s a whole other side to me. You know, there’s the really funny, let-go, skip-around-the-block-with-my-kids Emily and there’s the one that kind of goes into this trance and starts writing these really cool things!”

Jaesi: “The wisdom from another dimension Emily.”

Emily: “Yeah! I’m like, who is that chick? But yeah, it’s pretty neat and I know we all have it to us. We all have our fun playful side and that’s the thing that I love about Kokonutlime is that it does. There’s the refreshing, fun, playful stories that deliver messages of truth and inspiration and then, you know, there’s that side to us that’s extremely spiritual and opens up this whole new dimension of knowledge and wisdom. And the thing is that they don’t have to be separate. You can be fun and playful and be spiritual.”

Jaesi: “That’s a beautiful combination.”

Emily: “Yeah and that’s what grace to me is. You know, that really is grace. When you can have one foot in the spiritual and one foot in the physical and master both worlds. And in the master of both worlds, seize the wisdom in spirituality and the joy in the human experience and embraces both.”

“So many years ago, I thought of spirituality as religious or it would have to be like a Buddhist monk sitting on a hill, being so serious and not embracing anything fun in my life.”
Jaesi: “Yeah, we tend to think we have to be sitting in a church or, yeah, the Buddhist thing.”

Emily: “You have to pray in order to whatever or go to church on Sunday and those are all wonderful tools to assist us in finding our own spirituality. I was raised with a wonderful religion and it taught me so many different things in my life and when I was ready to let go and went to a different space, I was so thankful that I did have that upbringing, because it really did assist me in becoming who I am. And I’ve seen both sides of the fence and the wonderful thing that I’ve discovered in the past few years through writing my book and through the different things that I’ve studied is what I said earlier is that spirituality isn’t just being solemn or being serious or, you know, whatever or something woo woo or something that only ministers, priests, or bishops have the power to hold. But it is a power within all of us that we all have the ability to step into that spiritual place and also into having fun and laughing.”

Jaesi: “It kind of reminds me of how you were talking about earlier of how you came up with Kokonutlime. Just the combination of that word, you know, Kokonutlime is like something that is spiritual to you and then the lime is just kind of like playing around. You know, you just put your name backwards.”

Emily: “Oh yeah, that’s true! I guess that is why when I came up with my publishing company, there was no other name but Kokonutlime. Yeah and it’s really funny, because we have a new social network that we’ve embraced, the Inner Peace website. It’s innerpeace.ws and it’s so interesting to me to witness so many people on this website take this journey to inner peace or begin to speak about it. It’s so interesting, because my definition of inner peace is being confident enough in myself that the only perception that affects me is my own. To me, that’s inner peace and it’s really interesting as I watch on different social networks like Facebook and, you know, our Inner Peace site as people we interact with each other as human beings, it is so easy to allow another perception to affect us.”

“My daughter, you know, she’ll say, my brother called me this or one of my friends called me that! And my response is always, does that mean that that’s who you are and what you are? Who do you think you are? Because your perception forms your reality, so who are you? Well, I’m a loving… you know, she has her own little thing that she says and she is. She is a loving, kind, beautiful, and nurturing little girl and I say, well then that’s who you are. It doesn’t matter; that’s their perception. And so it’s really interesting that that journey to inner peace really is about just knowing who you are and standing in that confidence. And writing really is a huge step in that direction. You know, being able to put instead of containing all of your thoughts in your head and putting them on paper and seeing that kind of being developed is a pretty powerful tool. So that’s one reason I absolutely LOVE being a publisher is because I get to witness so many people that have taken that journey. So many different books that are coming up. We have so many upcoming books that are so amazing that I’m so excited about.”

Jaesi: “It’s way exciting.”

Emily: “Yeah, we have, gosh, a huge list on my whiteboard right now of books that are coming up soon and-”

Jaesi: “Don’t give them all away!”

Emily: “I know, and a lot of these books are children’s books that are addressing that message to the children that, you know, I don’t see a lot of those other books out there right now that address that, you know, to children to spirituality. Usually they’re either, you know, bible study books that are religious or books about nature, but I don’t see anything that addresses the bridge between. I’m sure they’re out there, but I’ve personally have not run across them. So it’s really neat to put those books out there for these strong messages to children in a fun way.”

Jaesi: “Yeah, it’s gonna be so awesome! So please stay tuned and keep listening and even subscribe. You know, you push the little orange button on our website. Subscribe to our stuff and keep updated on what’s coming out because we got a lot of good stuff coming out.”

Emily: “Yeah, we are going to have a very full 2012! Alright, well thanks for listening and this concludes our first episode of Kokonutlime Konversations with Jaesi Christian and Emily Henderson. Thank you so much and we’ll see you next time.”

Jaesi: “Thank you!”



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