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Emily Henderson: “The different types of levels there are is the physical plane, which is the densest of the seven planes and that is where we presently reside. There is the astral plane and the astral plane is kind of where emotional energy is stored. So when someone passes, and they have not completely let go of their physical body yet, like where people see spirits or ghosts or mediums that talk to those that who have passed away, Thats where they are channeling. They’re channeling the astral plane.Thats all different. So it is probably the densest form of spiritual communication out of all of them, because it is the closest to the physical plane.”

Tim Porter: “The easiest to pick up, maybe?”

Emily Henderson: “Yeah, probably the easiest to pick up, but also the one you want to be most leery of when your getting information from there because all sorts of entities reside there. Entities that are kind of stuck that haven’t moved outside of that plane, dark energy, different types of, theres a vaster aray of energy that is denser in the astral plane.”

Tim Porter: “Gotcha.”

Emily Henderson: “In the mental, or the causal plane would be the next. So if you were to look at it as like the bubble, A bubble around your body. The first one would be the physical plane, which is our skin that we can feel and touch. The astral plane would be the energy that immediatly surrounds our body. that is in the frequencies that are closest to the phisical plane. The next one out would be the mental or the causal plane, which is the third plane of creation and it is concrete, more intellectual energy. It’s those that believe in the differnt Arch Angels. That’s where Michael resides. So the arch angel would reside there.”

Tim Porter: “Not as bad, not as much bad energy on that plane.”

Emily Henderson: “Yeah! Its a little bit of a higher vibration. At a higher frequency, a higher resonance. The causal plane which is above the astral plane and it’s kind of where the time track is. It’s where we hold ourselves grounded into the physical plane, and above, or beyond the causal plane is where the frequencies start to get a lot faster, a lot higher and time doesn’t exist outside of that plane. So anything inside the mental, astral, or physical plane is where time exists. Or our perception of time.”

Tim Porter: “Gotcha.”

Emily Henderson: “Then the akashic plane would be the next. Have you ever heard of the akashic records?”

Tim Porter: “I have.”

Emily Henderson: “Okay”

Tim Porter: “I, actually my sister-in-law is well-versed in the akashic records”

Emily Henderson: “Okay”

Tim Porter: “A lot of people are not, I don’t know it well enogh to describe it, but it’s a library.”

Emily Henderson: “Yeah, well what the akashic plane is, it’s literally a physical entity of energy that is imprinted with every intention that has ever come into existence.”

Tim Porter: “That’s a lot of book-keeping.”

(Emily Laughs)

Emily Henderson: “Well, that’s why it’s… Some people… You can, you’ve seen it probably like illustrated as the great book of life.”

Tim Porter: “Uh hu…”

Emily Henderson: “You know, or I think in the scriptures that’s how they refer to it in the book of life. There’s not a record keeper there that says “ok they did this”. See and the miss conception or the miss perception about the akashic plane is that people think that is where a kind of karma resides, but it’s not about your actions. It’s about your intention. So if your intention was good, then you don’t always have control of the results of your intention. You know, if you intend something good to happen, and then there is another person that interferes with that, then you can’t always control the results of what your intentions are.”

“So the akashic plane keeps record of your intention and the reason that’s important is because… I am just going to say it! Reincarnation is something that I believe in and it is something that Edgar Cayce talks about, Plato talks about it, Socratis talks about it. It’s been talked about now for time and all eternity.”

Tim Porter: “Sure, it’s not a term that’s a stranger.”

Emily Henderson: “Yeah, well the semantics of how reincarnation happens is what could be arguable. Even a lot of religious doctrines talk about reincarnation.”

Tim Porter: “Yeah, it’s like energy transfer.”

Emily Henderson: “Exactly! Basically, Yeah. So what the akashic plane does is, as you come out of your physical experience and then go back into it, it’s kind of like once you have cleared your intentions with the akashic plane, then you move back into a different realm when you come back into your physical existance. So like say I die, and then I come out of my body and leave my body behind. Well, my soul still carries the intentions of my life. So if my intention was to be a mean and angry person my whole life and that I wanted to rule the world, and that’s how I was, then I would come back to the next life to face the mirror of that.”

Tim Porter: “Sure”

Emily Henderson: “So that I would come back and I would be faced in diffent relationships, or different situations where I would constantly be facing the after-effects of what my intention had been in the previous life. And that’s kinda like what the akashic plane is.”

Tim Porter: “Okay”

Emily Henderson: “So, you following me on all of that?”

Tim Porter: “You know, I.. If there were a test, I might get seven out of ten.”

(Tim laughs)

“I’m on the same page.”

(Emily laughs)

Emily Henderson: “Okay”

Tim Porter: “I think that reincarnation make a lot of sense, you know? The one thing that seperates us from the beasts is this thing that wants to know why. That’s the energy that has to continue. I dont know how, you know I mean, how many documented religions, what 400 over 400 on the last count, 420-ish.”

Emily Henderson: “Well, tomorrow it could be more.”

Tim Porter: “It could be, and many incorporate the doctrine, or I wouldn’t call it doctrine, but the philosophy of reincarnation.”

Emily Henderson: “Absolutely! Yeah!”

Tim Porter: “I have an example of that. Somebody who is kind of very dependant on where you’re born and at what time. Absolutely open to the idea that, you know, there is that higher contact. Now, if I counted it correctly, you have two more levels above.”

Emily Henderson: “I do.”

Tim Porter: “So we’re talking even higher frequencies.”

Emily Henderson: “So you’ve got four, and so you see, a lot of people call it higher frequencies and it is, but not necessarily because one is above the other. It’s just because it vibrates faster.”

Tim porter: “Ok”

Emily Henderson: “So it’s a faster frequency. The faster the frequency, the more information it contains. The slower the fequency the less information it contains, and so the physical plane contains less information than the akashic plane. The akashic plane can contain the akashic records, because it vibrates at a faster rate. Therefore, it can keep track of more information.”

Tim Porter: “Okay”

Emily Henderson: “Then on the next plane would be the spiritual plane. That is the fifth plane of creation. Some call it the fifth dimension and it’s medium is abstract, intellectual energy. It emphasizes the truth of things. The infinite Soul, Lao Tzu. Have you ever heard of Dao De Jing?”

Tim Porter: “Yes, I have.”

Emily Henderson: “That’s where he channeled from. He channeled from this plane. He was a Channeler. A lot of buddhist religions channel from this plane, like all the information from the buddhist religions, the zen, teachings are from this plane.”

“This plane of creation is about empowerment. It is about finding your true self and standing in your power. A lot of the information that comes from this plane is about the divine or divinity within. This information has been comming and flooding the planet in recent years. In the past twenty years I would say, since the hippie time that kind of like flooded in the 60’s and 70’s and really woke us up in a big way. As we began to awaken as a body of humanity, we began to tap in more and more into the spiritual plane. So, as we tap into that plane more and more, we’ll be able to get more information on those frequencies.”

“The messianic plane is the sixth plane of creation or the sixth dimension. And it’s medium is abstract, emotional energy and it’s all about love. It’s about all of the energies coming together the infinite soul and becoming in touch with like, the connection of who we all are.”

“And then the seventh plane is the logoic plane and that is the plane of total oneness, where we realize that we are all connected, no matter what is going on in the physical plane. The logoic plane is literally where we all come back to source. And see, I see it as an out breath and an in breath. We all begin in the logoic plane and we all begin in the center. We all begin in that pure energy of creation, the pure energy of source. And as we, as source takes a breath out. Then we breathe out through all of these planes until we finally densify ourselves enough to become physical matter, to become physically human. We experience ourselves as humans and then we kinda go in and out of those planes for a while, and then as source breathes in, we all come back to source as one. And that’s kind of my perception and what I describe in my book, about the different planes of awareness and how we travel throughout creation.”

“So when channeling, you can channel information from any one of these frequencies, any one of these planes, because there’s frequencies that travel through all of them.
There’s not very many people that I’ve met that channel from that plane. Usually they can go through all the planes in-between, but yeah.”

Tim Porter: “And we’re talking infinites amount more energy than the lower planes.”

Emily Henderson: “Yes, absolutely!”

Tim Porter: “How can you make sense of that?”

Emily Henderson: “Um, when I first started channeling, it was really interesting because I didnt know what I was doing. I woke up at like three o’ clock in the morning and I was pregnant with my third child. I woke up and I had this repetitive thought in my head and it was, get a pen and paper and just sart writing. I was like, it’s three o’ clock in the morning, it’s november,I’m pregnant, I’m, you know, just am lucky that I just got to sleep, there is no way I am getting out of bed.”

Tim Porter: “Right, right.”

Emily Henderson: “So I did. I got out of bed and I went and started writing. It was kind of like… Actually I have my book right here. I’ll tell you what I wrote, you want to hear it?”

Tim Porter: “Absolutely”

(Emily Giggles)

Emily Henderson: “It says, ok, so I said ‘ok, I’m awake. It’s 3:15 a.m. on November 9th, 2007. I got a pen and a paper like I was told to do, now what? Am I crazy? Just keep writing. I don’t know what I am writing about.’ And that’s how it started. I was like, okay, this is crazy, you know? We’ve all written in a journal, right? At one point or another…”

Tim Porter: “I’m certain many have”

Emily Henderson: “When we were five, you know, they had us in kindergaten starting our own journals, right?
So I thought, okay, am I starting a new Journal? You know, I have written a journal through out my life, but then all of a sudden I was hit by this really powerful surge of energy and it just was. The only way I can describe, it is pure bliss. And in that feeling of pure bliss, I wrote chapter one of this book. I didnt know what I was writing and I actually really couldn’t even read my handwriting. It was so fast and after writing and writing and writing, I went back and I read the message and their message was about recieving. I thought, that’s really strange! Like why am I writing about recieving and where did this information come from? When I went back and I read it, I just burst into tears. It was just such powerful information and I thought, How did I know this?”

(Emily laughs)

Tim Porter: “Right, right, do you remember the actual process of writing or just kind of?”

Emily Henderson: “It had only seemed like I had been writing for a minute, but when I looked back and saw the pages that I had written and it was a lot more information than it would have taken in just writing. So the time just kind of disappeared. I remember the process of writing, but I dont remeber as the information had come through. In all of my writings after that Over the next four years, it would just happen that I would get that repetitive thought in my head and then start writing and the time would just kind of disappear. Then all of a sudden I’d be like oh my gosh, like my husband would kind of take the children and leave the room because he’d be like “Don’t bother her right now”. He kind of learned that.”

(Emily chuckles)

“And then I would go back and realize all of a sudden an hour had gone by and I had just been writing and writing and it seemed like five minutes.”

Tim Porter: “Wow!”

Emily Henderson: “So I was literally just getting lost in it. As it came it would come one word at a time and then I would write the word down and then another word and I would write it down and it
was a very fast process but I would also see many images and feelings just like when we were talking about with communication, you know. If I were to walk out of the room and start texting you, you know, you may not understand the full meaning or concept of what it is that I am trying to express. And it’s the same with channeling. Even if you’ve got someone in the room who is speaking, there’s also images that come with the information, there’s also feelings that come with the information. And to be able to densify that into human language is literally like translation. It’s like taking a whole bunch of Russian information and traslating it into english with only knowing a few Russian words.”

Tim Porter: “Wow!”

Emily Henderson: “Thats literally what a channel does. A channel takes information that literaly has kind of landed in their space, or that they’ve some how tuned them self to in one form or another. I didn’t do it intentionally; it was just all of a sudden. It just happened one day and literally just takes the information and kind of funnels it into the best possible way they can, taking all of this vast ray of information. Musicians do it and they do it through music. Artists do it through painting and drawing. I have been a writer my whole life since I was three years-old or however old I was until I got a pen in my hand.”

Tim Porter: “Sure.”

Emily Henderson: “And so I did it through writing.”

“You know Kasey? You have a conversation with Kasey even when she’s not channeling and she’s always got profound, amazing things to say. She’s really good at getting to know people. She’s really good at observing people and knowing what their space is about. So that comes through in her gift of channeling. When she channels to you, it is usually very personal. And you can ask her a question about the universe and somehow it ends up being just about you. That’s what she is good at and that’s how it comes through for her. Everybody’s different, you know, it comes out in different ways.”

“Abraham Hicks, have you heard of him? The, the…”

Tim Porter: “Mmmmm not Hicks Bowsen, no, no. I am wandering off into the nerd field.”

(Emily and Tim laugh)

Emily Henderson: “It’s the law of attraction, so you know ‘The Secret’? Have you heard of ‘The Secret’?”

Tim Porter: “Yeah, yeah.”

Emily Henderson: “Okay, well ‘The Secret’ was derived from Abrahamn Hicks, ‘The Law of Attraction’. And she channels, all that information is channeled, and so she channels it through her perception. Like me when I channeled my book, ‘The Dichotomoy Of Wholeness’. It was all completely through what I could grasp and understand. I’ve noticed over the four years, as my language and awareness increased about the topics I was writing about. Then more information came through. All at once, because all of a sudden I was learning Russian. I, all of a sudden, knew the Russian language instead of three words.”

Tim Porter: “Right, right.”

Emily Henderson: “And so the more I discovered about what I was writing, the more I was able to write. It’s the same with speaking. When you speak, there’s a difference. There is trance channeling. Edgar Cayce, have you heard of him?”

Tim Porter: “Yes”

Emily Henderson: “So he is the most recorded psychic, channel, or medium in history. He has, I think, over 14,000 recorded…”

Tim Porter: “Wow”

Emily Henderson: “Yeah! of him channeling, and he didnt just channel random information. He would specifically, you could give him a person’s name and age and whatever.. and location, and he could channel information about them. He channeled from the akashic realm. He was able to give people medical information about themselves. He would take a person who had been suffering from an incureable illness or like a pain in their back or in their foot or digestive problems or whatever, and he would tell them exactly where their problem was. He would locate in their body exactly what organ was malfunctioning or what was going on in their bodies physically or whatever, and then give them the cure of how they could treat it.”

Tim Porter: “How is he not featured in an emmy winning sitcom, you know?”

Emily Henderson: “I know. Well he is dead, but hahaha it was back in the forties.. But the reason we’ve got so much of that valuable information…”

Tim Porter: “It would have been so ahead of it’s time.”

Emily Henderson: “I know, well there is a whole website edgarcayce.org that you could go to. it’s C A Y C E, edgarcayce.org. It’s phenomenal information, but the problem is the perception on channeling and psychic powers is that it’s unknown. People don’t know where it comes from. They don’t have the science to prove it so people don’t believe it. Just like when people would look at a piece of artwork and say how beautiful it was, but they don’t ever question why the artist did it. When you start telling them that they are channeling from another realm, then the perception becomes completely jaded. People look at Edgar Cayce and say ‘oh yeah, he was a doctor and, yeah, he had all this amazing amounts of information’. He’s got like several books out there like all and every subject you can imagine, but people doubt the truth of it because he said it was channeled.”

Tim Porter: “So automatically discrediting it.”

Emily Henderson: “Yeah, absolutely!”

Tim Porter: “How do you feel, I mean, when you’re talking like other forms or practices, is tarot more of a, uh, like something’s uhh… that’s not mainstreamed in the official community?”

Emily Henderson: “Well, you know, just like every area of life, there are those that practice different modalities, give different information that is, of maybe not the purest intent. Your going to find people that are…”

Tim Porter: “That would be in that first level.”

Emily Henderson: “Yeah, well, those people, you know, the thing with tarot or even some horoscopes or psychic readings is that there is the thing about energy is that the cycle of creation is that first when you bring something into the material world…”

“Okay let’s talk about manifestaton, and then I’ll get back to that to clarify things”\

Tim Porter: “Okay”

Emily Henderson: “So when you manifest something into the physical realm, it happens first as a thought. When you think something, and you assign feeling to it, it becomes actual physical matter. Because it is showing up in the physical realm. When it’s a thought, it is the lightest form of matter. A thought is the most ethreal form of matter, and then when you assign a feeling to it, you densify it. Then when you assign action to it, then you densify it more and produce results which is physical matter, which is completely in the physical plane. All of those are in the physical plane, but there’s just more ethreal-like a thought and is more ethreal than an actual piece of paper.”

Tim Porter: “Sure, I see that. Absolutely.”

Emily Henderson: “And so when you manifest something into the physical realm, it starts always first with a thought. Then feeling and then action and then results. So when you’ve got someone that’s telling you… when you go to the psychic and you sit behind the crystal ball and you say tell me about my future. Where am I going to find my true love? And they say to you, you’re going to find your true love on the beach in Maui next week, well…”

Tim Porter: “They buy a ticket to Maui…”

Emily Henderson: “Exactly! And then it happens!”

Tim Porter: “Yeah”

Emily Henderson: “Because they have planted that thought in your head and you believed this person. When you believe them, all of a sudden it becomes a part of your reality, and it’s going to show up.”

Tim Porter: “It’s kind of like worrying about something”

Emily Henderson: “Yup”

Tim Porter: “You spend your time preparing for this anxiety or a thing that could happen and sometimes you bring it on itself because you’re ready for that eventuality. You’ve prepared for it mentally, you know, and uh, yeah, I can see how that is inhibiting.”

Emily Henderson: “Yeah! Well,you know, you can use it for or against yourself. Once you understand your manifestation, you can change your whole reality. Because if you can change your thoughts,
you can change your reality. You know, if you can change your thoughts on a constant basis going, ‘oh, I’m just not good enough’, ‘I’m never going to do this’, ‘I’m never gonna get there’. If you’re constantly thinking that, then guess what’s showing up: your thoughts!”

Tim Porter: “Exactly!”

Emily Henderson: “So if you change your thoughts and you think, ‘I am absolutlely powerful enough to make this happen’, ‘I know that my life is perfect’, ‘I know that I am blessed’, ‘I am grateful for what I have’, ‘I am in absolute bliss at all times in my life’, ‘I am experienceing this life in joy’. Then what’s going to show up? Exactly that. So it’s the same thing with tarot cards, with horoscopes, you know. If I wake up in the morning and read my horoscope and it says that your house is gonna flood today. Well, I might not have control over those results, but I am gonna find out somehow that if my sink over-runs, all of a sudden that horoscope is right, because you believed the horoscope. So some how you’re going to find a situation that makes it right.”

Tim Porter: “Gotcha, right.”

Emily Henderson: “It’s the same with tarot cards. If you have like the love, the mood, and the career ones that you do, that I do for fun every once in a while. There so.. They are general; but if I read it that day, then it has painted a thought in my head and somehow I am going to find a way to make that right.”

Tim Porter: “Interesting!”

Emily Henderson: “So and that’s when the process of manipulation happens, that’s how spells work, that’s how all of these pychic energies, people that are psychics. You know, I am not saying they don’t have a gift, because we all have the ability to channel, all of us. It just depends on how you utilize the gift and where your channeling from. If you’re channeling from the astral plane, it’s kind of like walking into a dark room and trying not to bump into anything. You could get hurt if you’re not careful, and it’s the same with going through the astral plane which is a plane that most people suggest you stay out of unless you experienced and know what you are doing.”

Tim Porter: “Gotcha. How do you know where you are with the planes?”

Emily Henderson: “By the feeling you get when you channel the information.”

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