What Is Channeling?


Kokonutlime Konversations: Episode 2

Tim Porter: “The inner voice and we’re talking about, you know, being able to release and get it out, kind uh… It works to put it on paper and look at it from above. It’s almost like trying to paint an image but it’s literal. You know, just to be above the words on the page and being apart from that.”


Emily Henderson: “Yes”


Tim Porter: “It’s important to get that out so that you cn have a better understanding of your self.”


Emily Henderson: “Well, you know it’s interesting because my mom has this saying that has really stuck with me lately, and that she’s brought up a few times recently. It is, you can’t see the forest for the trees. I know that when I am in the middle of an emotional situation, or I am in the middle of figuring out something in my head, or I have a question that I just can’t find the answer to. When I put it on paper all of a sudden I am looking at The forest instead of the tree and I can see it from a higher perspective. When it comes out to me on paper, The energy becomes more neutral because I am witnessing it instead of participating in it.”


Tim Porter: “And this is actually a great introduction. Emily has a book now. Is this your first book?”


Emily Henderson: “This is my second.”


Tim porter: “Yeah, okay. And the second book is the one we are going to be talking about I just wanted to make sure. You channelled this entire book…”


Emily Henderson: “I did. I didn’t know that’s what I was doing.”


Tim Porter: “First of all, lets talk about channelling. What is channeling?”


Emily Henderson: “Ok, So channelling is basically.. So there are frequencies throughout the entire universe. There’s micro waves and all of the different invisible waves that science has been able to pick up on, and there is also beyond our science and physics. There are also waves that we don’t have the technology to necessarily pick up.”


Tim Porter: “And we are talking about waves that are very similar to radio waves.”


Emily Henderson: “Yes! very similar.”


Tim Porter: “Higher frequencies, of course. We have equipment developed over the years to accept the radio frequencies, but we are talking about something completely different but kind of traveling on the same.. through walls.Through everything.”


Emily Henderson: “Yeah, well, and if you think about it. If you want to start talking about quantum physics or metaphysics, Everything is composed of matter energy, right? Matter energy or both. Matter really is just energy that is compressed into a smaller space. Every human-being Is made up of energy, and energy really on the smaller scale of things is just a frequency that is vibrating at a certian rate. we’re all compossed of frequencies of information. Depending on what form we take, depends on the information that’s contained within the frequencies that we are compsed of.”


Tim Porter: “Why is everyone not aware of these higher frequencies?”


Emil Henderson: “I think that there is a lot more people aware of it. They just dont have a label for it. But you know, if you go out on the internet and you start talking about metaphysics and channelling, There is a greater population that is aware of what this is all about and that are participating in this. I think there is a dogma attached to it and people, Just like the Christians and the Jews have different beliefs and the Buddhists and the Indians have different beliefs.”


Tim Porter: “Different influences.”


Emily Henderson: “Yeah, different influences. There are a lot of.. over time religion has helped people in many ways, but the over-lying principle with religion has been, that you look outside of yourself for information. You go to your prophet or minister or your preacher to talk to God. Or you pray to an outside source, a being, or a statue, or whatever that symbol is for you.”


Tim Porter: “That third-party.”


Emily Henderson: “A third-party and that was kind of the distraction for man-kind. It has been the distraction for thousands of years. When we take away that distraction, we start to realize that we already have all the answers. If the preist has the answers, why wouldn’t I? I was born with a body. I carry the same frequencies and the same “radio waves”, if you will,–”


Tim Porter: “Sure, sure!”


Emily Henderson: “–that every other human-being does. So, what makes him more Divine than I,
because the frequencies are there. It’s not whether you’re worthy of them or not. It’s there. Just like the pudding is sitting on the table, you dont have to be more worthy than the next person to take a bite of it. It’s there, and this information is there. Channelling is available to EVERYONE! More people practice it than they realize. Artists practice it, doctors, medicine, discoveries, Many inventions are all channelled. Most of our science, most of our larger technological advances that we have taken in such a short amount of time, are all channelled. Channelling really isn’t as foriegn as people think that it is. It’s not something that is done for those who are worthy of it. It just is.”

Tim Porter: “Right, and it also is identifying that inner voice.”


Emily Henderson: “Exactly. Basically, what a channel is. I mean, I looked up on wikipedia the definition of channeling.”


Tim Porter: “Well, that’s where you go , right? ha!”


Emily Henderson: “Thats right! Where else do you go? It says basically that in physics, channelling is the process that constrains the path of a charged particle in a crystaline solid. If we break that down, to constrain something is to severely restrict the scope, extent, or activity of. So someone, who is channelling information, is basically taking a frequency in the universe that contains a large amount of information and breaking it down or constraining it into matter. Your taking a large amount of information and frequencies and basically condensing it, so that we can speak it or write it. Language, the human language is very restricting as far as expression goes.”

“I was having a conversation with my father over the holidays, and he said he sent out this email to someone. In the email he was very careful when he sent it out to the people that he sent it to be very clear and precise about the information that he was delivering. He is a computer engineer. It was a foriegn… I think it was a foriegn guy that he had sent it to. I am not sure where it was. Anyway, the moral of the story is he sent this email out. And when he sent it out, he got the reply that WE will look this over and the WE was capitalized W.E. So WE will look this over when WE have the time, you know. WE will get back to you when WE are ready, or whatever. All of the WE’s were capitalized and so when he looked back at it, he was like, wait a second. He was kind of criticizing himself, looking at it going; well, what did I say in my email that would make him respond this way? Because usually when we are texting or emailing and capitalize something, we are like shouting , right?”


Tim Porter: “Right.”


Emily Henderson: “And that’s the interpitation of it. Well, when he got to know this guy better, he was watching him type an email one day and noticed that the guy had the habit of capitalizing the first two letters at the beginning of every sentence. He would hit the caps lock or he would accidentally capitalize.”


Tim Porter: “Right, right, right, right!”


Emily Henderson: “So to go back and look at that email again, it really wasn’t as offensive as he thought it was. It was just like we will look at this and when we have time, we’ll get back to you or whatever. And it was very, very interesting to me.”


Tim porter: “We live in such a time where thats interpretive, you know? I mean it’s very intentional. Now, if I was looking over that email, and I saw that at the beginning of every… I think this guy got out of something.”


Emily Henderson: “Yeah, exactly!”


(Tim and Emily laugh a little)


Tim Porter: “Oh no! My caps-lock sticks, haha”


(Emily laughs some moe)


Emily Henderson: “Well, the point was that if he would have been in the same room communicating to this guy, there never would have been a misperception of what was being communicated. Because language or communication isn’t just about the words. Communication comes in many forms. It comes in body language, it comes in images. It comes in the feeling and energy you get from someone. If you walk into a room with someone, you can right away tell if your comfortable with them or not by paying attention to your body. My daughter who is one years-old can tell me right away who it is that I need to be leery of. She is very in tune with people’s energy and so we all carry energy with us and it’s apparent through out all of the universe, all of our energetic bodies. We have several energetic bodies that extend out from us, and they all carry energies of information and connect to a higher source or to other planets or other beings. we are all connected through the frequencies of the Universe, because we are all just different frequencies resonating at a certain level.”


Tim Porter: “There has to be a delineation, though. It seems to me that… and again, I am a complete outsider, and that’s also what’s cool is I am doing this learning process with you Emily.”


Emily Henderson: “Yeah, absolutely!”


Tim Porter: “But I dont know… How to put it in words but outside of the taboo. It makes a lot of people uncomfortable, but maybe this is for a more limited fragment of the population. There is a lot of people who hear voices that may be what voices are the ones that your supposed to listen to? It just seems like that if you have this ability, it would probably be a select portion of the population, would you say?”


Emily Henderson: “No, everybody has it!”


Tim Porter: “Everybody has it?”


Emily Henderson: “Everybody has it, because we are all little radio recievers walking around and transmitting energy. We are all like little towers; all of our bodies are. I mean, ask any scientist or any physicist, our bodies are composed of energy. Electro-magnetic waves of energy and so we all have the ability to interperat the frequencies. It just depends on your perception and when you interpretate them. For instance, if I was receiving or if I were to just stare at someone, I would be recieving information from them. And it just depends on how I turn around, and how I interprate that information. You can tune into different frequencies that are traveling through out the universe and there is actually seven different planes of awareness. Some people call them the seven differnt levels of vibration that we are actually aware of. I am sure there are infinate numbers. Us, humanoids, have not become aware of them at this point. The seven levels: the physical plane, which is the densest of the seven planes and that’s where we presently reside, the astral plane which is where energy is stored like when someone passes and they have not completely let go of their physical body yet and like where people see spirits or ghosts or mediums that talk to those that have passed away. That’s where they are channelling. They are channelling the astral plain, and that’s all different, so it is probably the densest form of spiritual communication out of all of them, because it’s the closest to the physical plane.”


Tim Porter: “The easiest to pick up, maybe?”


Emily Henderson: “Um, yeah, probably the easiest to pick up but also the most leery of when your getting information there, because all sorts of entities reside there. Entities that are stuck and that haven’t moved outside of that plain. Dark energy, you know different, a vaster aray of energy that is denser in that, the astral plain.”


Tim Porter: “Gotcha”


Emily Henderson: “The mental or the causal plane would be the next. so if you were to look at it as like a bubble, the bubble around your body. The first one would be the physical plane which is our skin that we can feel and touch. The Astral plane would be the energy that immediately surrounds our body that is in the frequencies that are the closest to the physical plane. The next one would be the mental and the causal plane, which is the third plane of creation. It is concrete and more intellectual energy. It’s those that believe in the different arch-angels. That’s where Micheal resides. So an arch-angel would reside there.”


Tim Porter: “That is bad, uh, not as much bad energy on that plane.”


Emily Henderson: “Yes, because it’s a little bit higher vibration. it’s at a highr frequency, a higher resonance. So the causal plane is above the astro plane and it is kind of where the time track is. It’s where we hold ourselves grounded into the physical plane. Above, beyond the causal plane is where the frequencies suddenly start to get a lot faster, a lot higher, and time doesn’t exist outside of that plane. So anything inside the mental or astral or physical plane is where time exists.”


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